Tyron Woodley Vs Stephen Thompson Declared Majority Draw At UFC 205

There was major confusion at Madison Square Garden tonight after Tryon Woodley was initially announced as the split decision winner of his title fight with Stephen Thompson, only to then discover during his post-fight interview that Bruce Buffer has made an incorrect announcement and it should actually have been a majority draw!

Round One:

The welterweight title fight is underway in NYC. Thompson with that distinctive sideways Karate stance. A minute gone and no real offense been thrown by either man so far.

Thompson has backed Woodley up to the cage, but not thrown yet. Finally he tries a kick upstairs, but it’s blocked. The same cagey scenario plays out again as we approach the two minute mark.

Thompson with a kick and Woodley catches it and gets Thompson down. That’s a big moment for him. Woodley in half guard in the center of the Octagon. he lands a few short ground and pound punches, but at the moment it’s mostly about control for the champ.

‘Wonderboy’ has two minutes to survive from his back. Woodley landing heavy shots to the body. Nice elbow to the head now. Back to the body punches and one upstairs. Thompson doesn’t look as if he’s going anywhere anytime soon under this talented wrestler.

Thompson manages to get Woodley back to full guard. Tyson opts to stand over him and lands a few punches to the body, then drops back in with a punch to the head. Thompson is bleeding now from his nose as another strike lands and the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Will Thompson be reluctant to throw kicks now due to the fear of being taken down? If so that would tremendously reduce his offensive output.

‘Wonderboy’ backs Woodley up to the outside again. Woodley misses with a push kick and Thompson attempts a kick upstairs. Woodley tries punches now, but Woodley closes the distance and clinches Thompson against the cage.

Thompson briefly reverses the position, but then Woodley muscles him around again. Quick knee for Woodley. Knee to the body from Thompson. He’s not geetting the room he needs to really operate though.

‘Wonderboy’ manages to break free and get back to the center of the Octagon. He backs Woodley to the outside again, but he needs to get busier as he’s hesitant, waiting for the prefect time to strike.

Woodley surges forward with punches that don’t quite hit the mark. Thompson with a spinning back kick that lands. He needs more of that.

another kick lands. Thompson with a few punches that backs Woodley up. Thompson starts to land a few punches. Woodley comes bursting forward, but Thompson quickly hits reverse to get out of range.

Final seconds of the round and Woodley lands a hook, but Thompson counters with punches of his own.

Round Three:

Side kick from Thompson to the body. Two nice right hands from Woodley as he surges forward. Again he moves in, but Thompson countered with a punch that time.

Body punches for Thompson after avoiding an overhand from the champion. Woodley back to the outside again. Woodley tries a head kick, but it’s blocked.

Low kick for Thompson. Leg kick for Woodley. Left hand for Thompson backs Woodley up. A couple more punches for Thompson hit home.

left hook for Thompson now. Woodley just coming up short with a left hand and Thompson counters with a kick. Wheel kick misses for Thompson.

Body punch for Thompson as Woodley misses again. Straight right to the jaw for Thompson.

Now it’s Woodley trying to take the lead and pressing forward. he lands a big leg kick that knocks Thompson slightly off-balance.

It’s not long before Woodley starts to settle for working on the outside again though. Thompson mises with a left hook and woodley tags him with a solid right hand in the final seconds of the round. The champion doesn’t look particularly fresh as we approach the championship rounds, but he’s definitely still dangerous.

Round Four:

Thompson flicks a kick towards the champion’s body. He lands to the leg with a kick. Woodley pumps out the jab. Nice right hand from the challenger.

Woodley not sure what to do with Thompson on the feet, so it’s surprising that he’s not going for the takedown more often.

Having siad that, Woodley suddenly lands a right hand that staggers Thompson backwards. Woodley follows up as the challenger tries to clear the cobwebs.

Another bomb lands for Woodley that drops Thompson near the cage. Thompson in survival mode, but still defending as Woodley tries to put him away on the mat.

Thompson back to his feet but still rocked. Woodley tries for a choke, but the blood-soaked ‘Wonderboy’ manages to get out of it.

Soon after the champion seizes on that guillotine choke again and drops to the mat with it. It looks to be in tight and this could be it, but somehow Thompson shows no signs of tapping. Woodley hangs on to the submission, but it eventually becomes clear that he’s not going to be able to tap out the Karate master.

Thompson finally gets his head out and now he’s on top in the final minute! Crazy stuff. Thompson takes advantage of the position, landing some quality ground and pound in the final seconds of the round. What a round!

Round Five:

Final round then. Thompson tries a head kick, but it’s blocked. Woodley backed up to the cage. Jumping roundhouse for Thompson is also blocked.

Thompson with a flurry of punches. Woodley tries to land a left hand and eats a leg kick in return. Right hand gets through for Thompson. He tries a head kick, but it’s blocked again.

Light body kick from the challenger. Woodley is back in his shell for now in this last round, but there’s still all to play for here.

Leg kick for Woodley. Left hand for Thompson. He works the head kick again, but again it’s blocked. Left and a right for Thompson.

Woodley misses with a surge forward and Thompson lands a couple of punches. 1-2 for the challenger. Body kick attempt from Woodley.

Thompson flicks out the jab. Leg kick now. Body kick. Woodley misses with a loaded up right hand. Good body punch by ‘Wonderboy’.

Left hand for Woodley, but right behind it comes up short. Woodley misses with a sloppy overhand. Woodley rushes forward with punches. More strikes for Thompson. Nice left hand for Thompson and then a second later a right. One final right hand knocks Woodley off-balance as the round ends. We’re headed to the judges scorecards.


There’s a long wait for the decision to be read out, and just as Bruce Buffer begins to do so he’s suddenly called back to the judges table.

He soon returns and declares Tyron Woodley to be the winner by split decision, but then during his post-fight interview he’s called back for a correction as the fight should actually have been a majority draw (47-47 x2, 48-47) in Woodley’s favor.

So, he retains his title, but only by the skin of his teeth and he seemed to be deflated after learning of the mix-up, while Thompson appeared excited for a potential rematch.

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