Stipe Miocic made short work of Andrei Arlovski tonight at UFC 195, TKO’ing him courtesy of two right hands in just 54 seconds.

Round One:

Arlovski with an oblique kick to start. Arlovski targets the body with a punch. Uppercut from Miocic. Both men exchange briefly in close.

Hard right hand from Miocic that lands on the ear and Arlovski is clearly rocked as his legs buckled there. Miocic looking to follow up as Arlovski backs up to the cage and the veteran gets clocked again with another right hand and that sends him down to his knees, with a left to the temple also landing on the way down.

Miocic looking to follow up with strikes as Arlovski just covers up and the referee quickly steps in to end the fight with 0.54mins on the clock, handing him a huge TKO win.

Miocic is all kinds of fired up after that and points to cageside where Dana White is sitting, screaming that he deserves a title shot. He then walks away and then goes back to yell at him again! Miocic is generally pretty quiet and unassuming, but he’s letting himself be known loud and clear here!