Stipe Miocic Outworks Gabriel Gonzaga To Decision Victory At UFC On FOX 10

Stipe Miocic picked another win over a UFC heavyweight veteran tonight with a solid display of boxing and cardio over three rounds against Gabriel Gonzaga.

Round One:

Leg kick from Gonzaga to start. The two men trade more solid leg kicks. Nice right hand from Gonzaga and his leg kicks look particularly heavy and one buckles Moicic’s leg a litle.

Gonzaga continuing to threaten with his right hook in addition to the kicks. Miocic throws out a combination of punches, but they are blocked by the Brazilian. Miocic attempts a kick and Gonzaga lands a good punch to the face.

Suddenly Gonzaga drops down and bursts forward for a nice takedown. Miocic does well to get quickly back up to his feet though.

Into the final 10 seconds and another kick lands for Gonzaga. Miocic still seems to be trying to find his rhythm in the stand-up action at this stage, but he can’t afford to take too long as all those kicks to his lead leg are going to take their toll as this fight goes on.

Round Two:

Moicic doing a nice job of slipping punches from Gonzaga and responding with punches of his own. Gonzaga attempts a takedown, but Miocic stuffs it and gets back upright, then blocks a head kick attempt.

Left hand lands for Gonzaga. Miocic checks a leg kick for the first time in the fight. Miocic changes angles and lands a left down the pipe.

Miocic starting to flick out his punches with more regularity now and Gonzaga instinctively covers up. Miocic continues to pick away at him and lands a kick too. Gonzaga fires off a kick and then tries for a takedown which is blocked.

More probing strikes from Miocic and an elbow behind it. Not much coming back from Gonzaga at this tage and Miocic is looking composed and fresh.

Another takedown stuffed by Miocic. Into the final minute of the round and another one is stuffed. Gonzaga gets up and lands a winging punch.

Miocic really outworking Gonzaga in the striking and starting to pick his shots and angles more now as he lands some quality uppercuts to the head and body in the closing stages of the round.

Round Three:

Miocic pumping out the jab to begin the final round. Gonzaga lands a kick and a punch too to show he’s still in this fight.

Miocic lands to the body and Gonzaga responds with a punch to the head and one to the body that misses.

Gonzaga tries to land a hard kick and Miocic makes him pay with a quick flurry of strikes. Now he lands a punch and follows up with an inside leg kick.

Miocic stuffs another takedown from Gonzaga. Gonzaga looks tired out there, but he attempts a head kick and a few punches.

Miocic continues to throw a good volume of strikes and then he manages to get a takedown of his own. Miocic lands a few short punches then stands over Gonzaga and opts not to follow him down.

Gonzaga finds space to get back up and starts swinging, but he slips and ends up on the mat again with Miocic standing over him once again.

Miocic finally decides to follow him down this time and starts landing some nice ground and pound. He’s having some success, but perhaps wary of a late submission attempt he opts to back away and stand up again.

Gonzaga follows and throws a couple of right hands, but Miocic backs out of danger and this fight is heading to the scorecards.


Gonzaga started well enough, but his cardio let him down in the later rounds, while Miocic did well to utilize his boxing to good effect, earning him the unanimous decision victory (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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