Tabatha Ricci Defeats Polyana Viana By Unanimous Decision

Tabatha Ricci got the better of Polyana Viana on the scorecards tonight in Las Vegas after taking her down multiple times during an otherwise uneventful fight.

Round One:

Solid body kick from Viana. She looks for it again, but without such a solid contact. Ricci moves in and initiates the clinch, working for an early takedown.

She lands it with Viana immediately looking for submissions from her back and as she fishes for an armbar Ricci is able to back off and gets to her feet. She stays standing over Viana though looking for kicks to the legs. Ricci having to be careful of Viana’s kicks to her legs too though and eventually opts for her to just stand up.

Viana looking to work strikes again. Ricci back in for another takedown attempt and she gets it and again Viana is looking for submissions again. Now she’s working for the body triangle from her back. Viana happy to stay on top here though, even if she’s not getting much opportunity to do much with the position.

Not much happening here at all. Viana lands a couple of hammerfists up at Ricci. Viana perhaps thinking of setting up a leg lock attempt and Ricci backs up and stands over her as the round ends.

Round Two:

Viana looking for a leg kick to start the second round. Outside leg kick from Ricci and a solid kick in response from Viana.

More low kicks from Viana now. Ricci thinking about the clinch, but they don’t stay there. Clash of shins there as they both look to kick.

Outside leg kick from Ricci. Low kick from Viana. Ricci’s punches coming up short. She throws punches out again that miss, but does connect with the low kick.

Brief clinch again but nothing doing from there. Ricci comes in to strike and Viana throws a spinning elbow strike.

Leg kick for Ricci and Viana tries to return the favor. Elbow strike from Viana. leg kick attempt from Viana is Ricci’s cue to drive into a takedown and lands it nicely.

Ricci working for half-guard, but Viana is immediately trying to craft a submission opportunity and Ricci backs away and stands over her.

Ricci drops back down into Viana’s guard. Viana gets her legs up high now, but Ricci moves out again. Ricci kicks at her legs as Viana shows no urgency to stand back up.

Viana looks for kicks, but Ricci nicely times another solid takedown in the final seconds of the round.

Round Three:

Viana trying to let her punches go from range, but Ricci comes in with short flurry of her own to get into the clinch.

They don’t stay there for long though and get back to the center of the Octagon. Missed kick from Viana and one from Ricci too. Leg kick for Viana.

Right hand gets through for Ricci. Ricci bursts into a double leg attempt. She’s trying hard for it against the cage and then lands the trip takedown.

Body punch from Ricci as she stands back up for a moment and then drops back down. She quickly stands up again. Ricci kicking to the leg and Viana looking for upkicks too.

Nothing really happening here and the ref stands them up. Ricci quickly goes in for another takedown and this time it doesn’t work out well for her and Viana almost getting top position.

Ricci resets as they stand back up though and lands another takedown almost immediately in the center of the Octagon.

Ricci continuing to be cautious tangling with Viana too long on the mat though, opting to stand up over here again. Viana still happy to just stay on her back here which seems curious given that she’s likely losing the fight at this stage.

Ricci lands a few leg kicks to her still grounded opponent and opts not to go to the mat again as the final seconds tick down.


Ricci’s takedowns and cautious control time on top were the key to the fight here and earns her a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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