Tai Tuivasa KO’s Derrick Lewis In 2nd Round At UFC 271

Tai Tuivasa survived huge shots from Derrick Lewis tonight at UFC 271 and then got his own back with interest as he rocked ‘The Black Beast’ with punches and then KO’d him with a huge elbow.

Round One:

Tuivasa feints the kick several times. Now he tries to land a punch to the body but comes up short and the same for a leg kick attempt.

Leg kick does now land for Tuivasa as Lewis tries to catch it. Lewis throws a hook and Tuivasa ducks under and then goes into the clinch against the cage.

Tuivasa lands a few knees to the thigh. He continues to do that until the ref opts to break them apart.

Head kick attempt from Lewis is blocked. Now he tries a jumping knee that doesn’t land. Leg kick from Tuivasa and now it’s Lewis who goes into the clinch against the cage.

Tuivasa trying to land a couple of knees. Lewis tries for a takedown, but Tuivasa fends it of and lands an elbow, then reverses the clinch position.

Lewis manages to land a trip takedown and then unleashes some heavy ground and pound. Tuivasa driving back up to his feet under fire and then starts swinging for the fences himself as they both throw heavy leather without landing cleanly. Exciting action but Tuivasa wisely then works for another clinch against the cage.

Tuivasa happy to remain here for now, but Lewis manhandles him back to the mat. No big offense from Lewis this time though and Tuivasa is able to work upright and presses Lewis into the cage until the horn sounds.

Round Two:

Inside leg kick from Tuivasa and then ducks under just in time to miss a big counter from Lewis. One-two from Lewis and then clips him again and Tuivasa seems a bit wobbled. Lewis charges him over to the cage and gets into the clinch.

Tuivasa able to turn into him, but Lewis works a takedown. Tuivasa standing but Lewis holds his head down and throws a big knee.

Tuivaasa takes it though and survives the heavy artillery for now. Suddenly it’s Tuivasa who is going on the offensive, landing a big left hook and a right hand.

Tuivasa backs Lewis up to the cage and lands another thunderous elbow strike and Lewis falls face-first onto the mat for a huge KO win at 1.40mins of the second round!!

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