Tatiana Suarez won the TUF 23 strawweight tournament and became the next Ultimate Fighter winner tonight after she tapped out Amanda Cooper with a first round d’arce choke.

Round One:

Cooper with a solid right to start. Overhand from Cooper, but Suarez moves in for a takedown attempt and lands it.

Suarez in Cooper’s closed guard and starts to work to the body and head with ground and pound. She continues chipping away, but Cooper works for an armbar attempt.

They scramble and Cooper almost gets on top, but Suarez readjusts and maintains the dominant position up alongside the cage.

Suarez stands over Cooper and lands a few nice right hands, but then Cooper works a sweep and ends up on top. She doesn’t hold the position for long though as Suarez powers her way back to her feet and then takes her opponent back down to the mat.

Again Suarez stands over Cooper and rains down some ground and pound. A few hammerfists land. Suarez transitions to a d’arce choke, locks it in. Cooper is tapping, but the referee can’t see it and it’s only when she begins frantically wriggling on the mat that the fight comes to and end.

Good grappling skills displayed by Suarez there, and so she wins the TUF 23 strawweight tournament and becomes the new Ultimate Fighter winner.