Japan’s Tatsuya Kawajiri earned himself a unanimous decision victory against Germany’s Dennis Siver tonight at UFC Fight Night 69 in Berlin.

Round One:

Kawajiri tries a spinning head kick to start, but it’s not on target. He wings a big uppercut that misses too and then jumps in with another strike.

The Japanese fighters steps into a nice body kick now and just gets caught with a punch in return from Siver.

Kawajiri with a spinning backfist now that misses. Using a lot of techniques that his opponent favors here. Now he’s in on a takedown attempt which is now what Siver wants and he does well to stuff it and stay on his feet.

Siver with a hard leg kick now. A push kick keeps Kawajiri at bay as he thinks about another takedown. Kawajiri tries to clinch, but Siver brushes him aside.

Kawajiri with a leaping kick and in close there’s an exchange that Siver gets the better of. Siver stuffing another takedown attempt now.

Head kick attempt from Kawajiri that’s blocked. Siver connects with a spinning kick to the body.

Kawajiri working hard for a takedown attempt against the cage, but Siver preventing it. He’s having to hop on one leg and still stays upright. They break apart now. Siver misses with the head kick. Kawajiri slides into a takedown, but still finding it very difficult to bring the German to the mat even when he’s balancing on one leg.

Final 10 seconds and Kawajiri finally shoves Siver to the mat and wants to look for ground and pound, but there’s not much time to work.

Round Two:

Both men attempt kicks at the same time with neither paying off. A few punches coming up short, but Kawajiri does land with a wild punch to the body.

Spinning elbow from Kawajiri, but Siver counters with a punch over the top. Leg kick from Siver.

Kawajiri working for a single leg attempt and moves to the cage with it. As in the first round Siver does well with his defense. The Japanese fighter not giving up on it though and eventually does manage to bring him down with about half the round remaining.

Siver with his back to the cage and is looking to stand, but Kawajiri keeps him down for now and is working from half guard.

Siver gets him back to full guard. Not for long though, Kawajiri hops back into half guard. Siver trying to land short shots from his back while Kawajiri tries to pass into full mount. He’s almost got it with a minute remaining and after a bit of a battle he does manage to get there.

Kawajiri not getting the space to land ground and pound though and Siver manages to burst out of the position momentarily, but can’t get up to his feet as Kawajiri secures top position once again.

Round Three:

Spinning backfist from Kawajiri just grazes Siver’s head. Siver with the kick and Kawajiri looking for the takedown. Kawajiri does manage to get the German down against the cage with Siver trying in vain for a guillotine choke.

Siver manages to scramble back to his feet and that’s important for him at this stage in the fight. He’s pushing forward with more urgency now. He tries a spinning kick that misses as does one in return from Kawajiri.

Kawajiri bursting forward with a short flurry now and uses that to set up a takedown attempt. There’s a bit of a scramble down and back up and in the end Kawajiri is once again in on a single leg against the cage.

Siver thinking about the guillotine choke, but Kawajiri ignores that and takes him down anyway. Siver cranks on the choke, but Kawajiri improves position to render that ineffective.

Back in Siver’s full guard now and trying to pass again while Siver looks for punches from the bottom. Hard elbow from Kawajiri slams down on his opponent’s head. More follow, though he’s not going all out for a finish by any means, apparently happy to just end the round on top.


Kawajiri definitely appeared to get the better of this one, particularly with his grappling and all-round pressure during the fight and that earns him a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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