Krzysztof Jotko Defeats Thales Leites By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 100

Krzysztof Jotko impressed tonight at UFC Fight Night 100 as he more than matched the veteran Thales Leites on the feet and on the mat en-route to a unanimoua decision victory.

Round One:

Jotko with an early body kick. Overhand misses for Leites and Jotko lands to the body again.

Leites reaches for a single-leg, gets clipped with a counter, but still manages to get to the clinch against the cage. Jotko defending a possible takedown so far, then reverses the clinch and escapes.

Jotko tries for a high kick that’s blocked. Leites wades in with a left hook, then another. Leites in on a takedown and barges through a knee strikes from Jotko to land it well.

This is where Leites wanted this fight and he’s able to get to half guard, then almost takes Jotko’s back. However, Jotko scrambles, and after escaping an armbar attempt he ends up on top.

A minute to go now and Jotko is playing it safe on top, not wanting the submission expert to catch him in something. Jotko does improve to half guard and lands a few ground and pound strikes.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Jotko. Jotko looks to punch, but Leites ducks under and drives for a takedown. He has to settle for the clinch against the cage though, and then Jotko breaks free.

Jotko with a body kick, but Leites almost catches it. Spinning back kick to the body from Jotko. He gets a right hook and then a kick misses as Leites goes into the clinch and tries for a takedown.

Jotko defends and lands a kick, but then Leites is back in on him and tries again for the takedown. Jotko reverses though and ends up on top in half guard.

Jotko settles for working inside Leites guard and lands a few punches. Two minutes of the round to go and the referee decides to stands them up.

Jotko with a nice counter punch and soon after gets a good takedown. Jotko in half guard now and lands infrequent ground and pound that starts to increase in urgency with heavy elbows in the closing seconds.

Round Three:

Leites with a grazing right hand. Right hook for Jotko and then a few more punches behind it. Right hook and a left for Jotko. leites also seems to land a counter and Jotko falls to his knees looking for a takedown.

Jotko into the clinch and they go to the mat with Leites looking for a submission. Back up they go and Jotko lands a nice punch as they do so.

They break apart and Leites lands a right hand then presses into the clinch against the cage. Leites goes for a takedown, but as in the previous rounds, Jotko ends up on top in half guard.

Two minutes of the fight to go with Jotko in the ascendancy. Side control for Jotko and traps an arm as he lands ground and pound.

Leites able to scramble back to guard. Jotko with a few punches to the face that appear to draw blood. Some more blows drop down in the final seconds and then he backs away.


Good performance from Jotko here, managing to beat Leites at his own game on the mat and he earns himself a unanimous decision victory (29-27, 30-27 x2).

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