The Korean Zombie Beats Dan Ige By Unanimous Decision At UFC On ESPN 25

‘The Korean Zombie’ Chan Sung Jung was able to get the better of Dan Ige on the feet and on the mat tonight in the main event of UFC On ESPN 25 to secure a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

The main event is underway in Las Vegas!

The Korean Zombie probes with the jab to start. Now he lands a leg kick. Hook attempt by him. Ige taking the center of the octagon, but not rushing anything just yet. He lands a leg kick and a counter punch comes back in return.

Missed leg kick from Ige. Right hand for him as he lunges into range. Hard body punch from Ige.

Leg kick for Ige. Kick for The Korean Zombie. Left hook for Ige. Double jab from Ige. Uppercut from Ige lands nicely.

The Korean Zombie with a body shot and then works a takedown nicely. He’s in half-guard for now, but Ige gets him back to butterfly guard. Ige thinking about a triangle choke, but Zombie backs out and then goes back down again.

Zombie in half-guard again and staying tight. He tries to pass guard, but then Ige finds space to scramble back to his feet.

Good right hand from Zombie on the counter as Ige threw the jab. Leg kick for Zombie. Jab for The Korean Zombie. Ige rushes in and lands an uppercut.

Hard leg kick from The Korean Zombie. Jab for him and avoided the counter too. Solid right hand from Ige to end the round.

Round Two:

Heavy hooks from Zombie drops Ige momentarily. Ige resets and seems ok. The Korean Zombie with a leg kick.

Ige with a double jab. Zombie with a kick that’s caught by Ige. The Korean Zombie with a hard calf kick.

Ige feels out with the jab. Jolting jab from Zombie. Right hand for Jung. Another jab for Zombie. He presses forward, but eats a couple of counter hooks from Ige.

Powerful right hand from Zombie lands to the jaw. Ige driving into a takedown attempt and Zombie stuffs it. Back up to the feet and Ige tries to keep in the clinch, but Zombie soon moves away.

Hard calf kick for Zombie and a punch. Punch for Ige, but Zombie is working the jab crisply. Nice left hook for Ige.

Two hard punches to the body from Ige and then into the clinch against the cage. Good balance being shown by Zombie and then he turns into the clinch and works for a takedown of his own. He does well to get to Ige’s back and then rolls him and locks in his body triangle. Not much time in the round remaining and Zombie is happy to just remain here.

Zombie with a little cut above his left eye which apparently came from a head clash earlier in the round.

Round Three:

Calf kick for Zombie. Body kick from Ige. Ige looking for a leg kick, but Zombie catches it and brings him to the mat in the center of the Octagon.

Zombie working in Ige’s full guard and staying patient for now. Ige with a couple of elbows from his back.

Hard left hook for Zombie. He’s postured up on one knee and drops down an elbow. Now standing over Ige and looking to land punches. Ige scrambling, but Zombie is wise to it and gets his back and works the body triangle in.

Zombie tries for a rear-naked choke, but Ige survives for now. Ige handfighting now and then tries to open up that body triangle. He’s not able to and Zombie chips away with a few punches and then attempts another choke in the final 10 seconds without success.

Round Four:

Ige presses forward with urgency landing the jab. Jab for Zombie now and then a hook on the counter.

Another jab for Zombie. Now another counter hook as Ige is coming into range. Back to the jab. Ige lands his jab.

Ige with a grazing straight right. Jab from Zombie. Two ripping body punches from Ige. Solid jabs from Zombie. Ige with a right hand.

Head kick attempt from Ige is blocked. Another solid body punch from Ige and then drives into the clinch against the cage.

Another body punch and a hook upstairs from ige on the way out. Leg kick for Ige. Another calf kick for Ige. He lands a right hand too.

Zombie swings hard but misses. He lands a couple of jabs as Ige was coming forward. Jab for Zombie. Calf kick from Ige.

Harder calf kick from Zombie, but then a right hand lands for Ige. Another punch from Ige. Ige moving forward with urgency and throws a head kick attempt and then a body kick.

Zombie nicely times a powerful takedown off a kick from Ige. Zombie stands up over Ige. Ige thinking about a leg lock but then lets go. Zombie goes down into north-south and then side control as the round ends.

Round Five:

Body kick for Ige to start the final round. Glancing right hook for Ige. Jab for Zombie. Crisp jabs from him.

Light leg kick for Ige as Zombie worked the jab. Body punch and a grazing hook from Ige. Now a big left hook from Ige. He has Zombie in a bit of trouble here as he works body head combos and Zombie works for a takedown.

Ige defends it though and continues to press the action on the feet. Now it’s Ige trying for a takedown, but Zombie stuffs it.

Again Ige trying to work a takedown against the cage. Ige nicely lands an upwards elbow while ducked down, but he can’t land the takedown and they reset on the feet.

Ige pressing forward straight away, but at close range Zombie lands a solid knee that wilts Ige a little and enables him to get the fight to the mat and takes his back.

Zombie gets the body triangle in tight with 90 seconds remaining. He’s trying to work for a rear-naked choke, but Ige is fighting it off for now.

Ige trying to land punches from behind, but Zombie is happy to remain latched onto his back and ride out the remaining seconds with a few light punches of his own.


Zombie showed his skill and experience to get the better of Ige tonight, getting the better of the action on the feet more often than not, while smartly switching to controlling the fight on the mat when he wasn’t, which leads him to a unanimous decision victory (48-47, 49-46 x2).

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