The Ultimate Fighter 16 Episode 6: TV Ratings

The ratings for The Ultimate Fighter 16 on FX rebounded for the sixth episode on Friday night with an average of 811,000 viewers tuning in.

That’s a significant jump back up from an all-time low of 624,000 viewers just one week ago.

The fact that there was significant media attention surrounding the TUF show over the last week after the major announcement that Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen would coach the next season in 2013 may have helped give the ratings a temporary boost, but we’ll have to wait until next week to see if those viewers stick around.

Regardless, the show is still currently underpeforming, but things no longer look as bleak as they did a week ago.

The TUF 17 announcement along with FX confirming the next season would be moving to a different night on the schedule proves that the network is still committed to making the long-running reality show a success regardless of how the rest of TUF 16 performs.


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