The TV ratings for The Ultimate Fighter 16 received a welcome shot in the arm on Friday night with the eighth episode on FX drawing 1.1 million viewers.

That’s only the second time this season that TUF has broken the one million barrier and is up 325,000 viwers from the previous week’s episode.

The reason for the ratings spike may have been down to the fact that the episode provided a healthy dose of the reality-style drama that the series has long been known for in the shape of the drunken antics of one fighter in the house.

Another factor to consider is that directly after this week’s show FX aired the first episode of ‘Primetime: GSP Vs Condit’ and that may have enticed more MMA fans than normal to plan their nights entertainment around the channel.

We don’t have the TV ratings for Primetime yet, but it’ll be interesting to see how many of those 1.1 million viewers they were able to retain for it’s 11pm broadcast time.