They kept fans hanging, but ESPN UK have now confirmed that they will be airing the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter: Australia Vs UK.

Dubbed ‘The Smashes’ (a wink to the famous cricket tournament ‘The Ashes’ contested between the two nations), the show will air on Wednesday, 19th September at midnight, the same night the premiere is also broadcast in Australia.

The show will continue in that timeslot until the season’s conclusion on December 5th.

The cast features 8 middleweights and 8 welterweights, with Ross Pearson coaching the UK team, while George Sotiropoulos will oversses the Aussies, and according to Dana White it’s a great season of the show.

“These guys have definitely made the second international ‘TUF’ show can’t-miss TV,” White claims. “Going into this thing, I had no idea just how much the Aussies and the Brits can’t stand losing to each other. Now I know.”

Those outside of the UK and Australia will also be able to stream the weekly shows by visiting