Thiago Alves Defeats Jordan Mein By TKO At UFC 183

Thiago Alves struggled against Jordan Mein’s reach and slick striking in the first round of their pay-per-view opener tonight at UFC 183, but he hit the ground running in the second round and folded Mein to the mat with a fight-ending body kick.

Round One:

Alves misses with an early leg kick, but Alves finds a home for his own one. Mein with a right hand that lands. Alves misses another kick. Mein landing an overhand right.

Alves with a right and Mein responds with a leg kick. Mein has a reach advantage and is using it well so far, landing with his punches while Alves is coming up a little short at times.

Alves trying to get in on his opponent and eats an elbow in the process. Another elbow connects for Mein. Alves still struggling to find a connection with his leg kicks.

A couple of low kicks finally land for ‘Pitbull’. He tries one upstairs too. Mein suddenly unleashes some powerful punches including a big uppercut that backs his opponent up.

Mein missing with a hook. He leads with an elbow strikes then a punch behind it. The heat is suddenly turning up here as they begin to trade hard shots in close. Big uppercut lands for Mein and Alves looks hurt but is trying to disguise it. Mein sees it though and presses forward unleashing big lefts and rights. Alves hanging on in there, but he’s getting blasted here.

Alves trying to fight back, but Mein very much the dominant force at this stage. Final seconds of the round and Alves manages to reverse the position and has Mein’s back against the cage as he unleashes a few strikes.

Round Two:

Body kick for Alves as he tries to press the action. Suddenly Mein does a random forward roll out of the way. Not sure what that was about, but they are right back to it.

Alves unleashes a big right kick to the body and Mein immediately sinks to the mat grimacing in pain. Alves follows up with a knee strike and then big punches on the mat and Mein isn’t defending himself so this fight is over by TKO with just 39 seconds of the round gone! Very nice comeback for Alves.

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