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Thiago Santos Demolishes Jack Hermansson In First Round At UFC Fight Night 119

Thiago Santos showed off his explosive striking tonight at UFC Fight Night 119 as he stopped Jack Hermansson in the final second of the first round.

Round One:

Both men moving quickly around the Octagon to start the fight, but neither fully committing to their strikes yet. Overcooked head kick attempt from Santos causes him to slip.

Solid kick from Santos. Hermansson in on a takedown attempt, but Santos defending against the cage. Santos does a nice job of circling out and then goes all-out on the attack, landing some big punches that are blocked, but force Hermansson to back up. One hard punch gets through, but Hermansson seems ok and the onslaught subsides, for now at least.

Oblique kick for Santos. Hermansson just coming up short with a few punches. Right hand gets through for Santos. Leg kick for Santos. He tries a spinning kick that doesn’t pay off.

Another right hand for Santos. Hermansson working off the jab then lands a low kick kick. BOdy kick for Santos and then a hook behind it.

Santos leaps into a big jumping switch kick to the body and charges forward like a beserker with piston-like punches as Hermansson retreats and that sends him to the floor. Santos doesn’t pause even for a second as he swarms on Hermansson on the mat and continues to hammer away at him with ground and pound until the referee rushes in to end the fight by TKO with just one second of the round remaining!

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