Thomas Almeida produced one of the best finishes of the year tonight at UFC Fight Night 77 with an absolutely devastating first round KO against Anthony Birchak.

Fight Report:

Birchak the busier of the two in the opening minute, throwing out a few strikes while Almeida remains patient for now. Birchak tries for a single leg, but quickly gives up on that.

Birchak coming in again and Almeida lands a nice straight left counter. Birchak right back at it though and he pieces together a very nice combination of punches.

Almeida with a big right hand and it staggers Birchak. They go to the mat with Almeida looking for a submission, but it doesn’t pay off and they get back to the feet.

Almeida landing a good left hand over the top. He works to the body and then upstairs with a left hook and he’s warmed up nicely to this fight as the round has progressed.

Birchak in on a takedown attempt, but has to settle for pressing Almeida against the cage for now. They exchange in close and Birchak lands a few rangey punches as Almeida reverses away.

Ameida with a good combo. A big punch connects and Birchak retreats looking hurt. Almeida senses it and moves in for the kill, and does so in style with a four piece combo of left and rights, the last of which, a flush right hand to the chin, collapses Birchak straight down to the canvas – he’s out cold!

Brilliant highlight reel finish from Almedia there, one of the best KO’s of the year and he continues to look like a major force in the bantamweight division.