Thomas Almeida Demolishes Albert Morales In Second Round At UFC Fight Night 100

Thomas Almeida demolished Albert Morales in the second round of their fight at UFC fight Night 100 this evening with a potent combination of speed, power and accuracy.

Round One:

Glancing leg kick for Morales. Now one from Almeida. Elbow strike for Almeida as Morales looked for a leg kick.

Another kick for Almeida, this time with more venom. Front kick to the body from Morales. Jumping switch kick attempt from Almeida.

leg kick for Morales. Left hand for Morales. Now he lets loose with a series of punches. Straight right for Almeida. Morales charges forward with a flurry of strikes.

Both men exchanging early and often here. Nice right and a left from Almeida, but Morales covers up. Hook lands for Morales.

Suddenly it’s Almeida is pouring on the offense, landing some big punches that have Morales hurt. Almeida continues to connect and Morales opts to go to ground to clear the cobwebs.

Scramble on the ground now as Morales shows he’s far from out of this contest, and then they are back upright again and trading strikes toe-to-toe to end an exciting, action-packed round.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Almeida. Nice jab to the chin for him. Quick flurry inside now. Morales feels out with the jab. Almeida with a spinning kick to the body.

Leg kick for Morales. Nice right hook from Almedia, then a left and Morales is in real trouble here. Almeida lighting him up with punches against the cage, but the referee isn’t putting him out of his misery.

Terrific accuracy in these strikes, even as Morales essentially just runs away. With his back up against the cage again, Morales endures another battering as Almeida works to the head, then lands final body shot that sinks his opponent to the mat and brings about the TKO victory at 1.37mins of Rd2.

Great performance from Almeida, proving once again that he’s a tremendous offense striker and hugely entertaining to watch.

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