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Cody Garbrandt KO’s Thomas Almeida In First Round At UFC Fight Night 88

Cody Garbrandt showed off his impressive striking and power tonight in the main event of UFC Fight Night 88 as he knocked out Thomas Almeida in the first round.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway. Garbrandt with a kick to start. Body kick lands, then one of the leg.

Another leg kick from Garbrandt. He tries a one-two. Flying knee attempt from Garbrandt that misses, but he connects with a right hand.

Short flurry of punches fromo ‘No Love’. Almeida very patient so far, not letting his weapons go so far. He does land a nice right hand though.

Garbrandt with a big punch and it staggers Almeida. Garbrandt looks for more, but Almeida wildly fires back to keep his opponent at bay momentarily.

Garbrandt very much with the momentum in his favor at this stage and he continues to pour on the pressure. A straight right snaps Almeida’s head backwards and puts him in reverse gear, then another punishing blow lands that buckles the Brazilian’s legs and he collapses to the mat.

Garbrandt follows up with a couple of hammerfists as Alemida just covers up, and that’s it, the referee has called an end to the fight, awarding Garbrandt a hugely impressive KO victory with 2.53mins on the clock in the first round.

So, Garbrandt improves to 9-0 and takes a huge step towards a title shot, while Almeida’s 21 fight unbeaten record comes to an abrupt end.

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