Tim Kennedy Earns Decision Victory Over Michael Bisping At TUF Nations Finale

Round One:

We’re underway in the main event. Bisping with a tentative head kick that’s blocked. Kennedy drops low and looks for a takedown. He’s on his knees now against the cage trying hard for it. Bisping defends initially, but then gets his legs sucked out and gets him down.

Still struggling with it, but he does now have Bisping flat on his back. Kennedy looking to pass to mount, but the Brit gets him to half guard.

Kennedy separates for a moment and Bisping sits up, but Kennedy closes the gap again and keeps him down.

The fight for control continues and Bisping gets back up, but with Kennedy now latched onto his back with the body lock.

Bisping back down on the mat now after a failed kimura attempt. Kennedy finally getting off some offense, landing a few left hands as he continues to put most of his focus on passing guard, and now he gets the full mount he’s been trying for all along.

Bisping moves to his back and Kennedy’s thinking about sinking in that choke, but ‘The Count’ shifts position and gets im back to half guard.

Kennedy lands a solid punch just as the round comes to an end.

Round Two:

Bisping pressing forward from the opening bell and lands a left body kick. He goes with a right kick now as he looks to get his striking game going.

Jab lands for Bisping as Kennedy tries to counter but misses. Left jab lands for Bisping as Kennedy seems to land too.

Nice right hand an uppercut scores for Kennedy. Kennedy keeps his opponent at bay with a side kick as Bisping looks to come forward again.

Bisping with a kick that doesn’t land with much power, but then a punch behind it that connects cleanly.

Kennedy ducks in and grabs and a hold of a single. He’s fighting hard to turn this into a takedown against the cage with Bisping stuffing his attempt so far and then managing to circle away and get out of danger.

Bisping leaps in with a flying knee to the body. Kennedy leaps forward with a punch but leaves himself exposed and Bisping lands a solid right.

Bisping backing Kennedy up towards the cage. He tries to land a kick and Kennedy partially catches it.

Another light kick from Bisping and then a right and left punch combo with the latter punch landing well.

Kennedy on the back foot quite a bit in this round. Bisping lands a short flurry. Kennedy unleashes a right hand that doesn’t connect.

Round Three:

Kennedy wades in with an overhand that Bisping avoids. Bisping with a two-piece combo.

Kennedy comes in and lands a good right hand and then transitions into a takedown. Bisping working hard to try to get room to work his way up, but Kennedy keeps him down.

Kennedy slides through from half guard to side control, but he gets put back into half again.

Bisping reaches for a kimura, but can’t lock it in. Kennedy blasts down a few body shots.

Kennedy moces back into side control and then locks in the full mount. He drops down a solid elbow strike. Kennedy postures up and tries to throw punches down, but Bisping gets him back into his guard.

Kennedy immediately looking to get back to the mount though and does so relatively easily. Bisping tries to walk the fence and almost succeeds, but Kennedy manages to secures side control to end the round.

Round Four:

Bisping circling to begin the fourth. Kennedy misses with a big right hand. Light jab from Bisping and again Kennedy just misses with a power punch.

Kennedy in again with a single leg attempt against the cage. Bisping fighting him off, but Kennedy moves to his back, then again into the clinch.

Bisping manages to wriggle free and get back to the center of the cage. Bisping backing him up against the cage now as he looks for strikes.

He lands a flicking jab a couple of times. Kennedy connects with a right hand that must have hurt because Bisping’s suddenly backing up with Kennedy in pursuit.

Kennedy looks for the takedown, but doesn’t get it. Left from Bisping and a hook from Kennedy in return.

Right hand lands for Kennedy and Bisping looks a little off-balance for a moment, but seems to recover quickly.

Solid right scores for Kennedy again. Bisping looking to even the score, but eats another right.

Finally Bisping lands with a good right hand. Kennedy scoring with that right hand again, having a great deal of success with it now.

Bisping tries a wheel kick attempt that looks tired more than anything and the round comes to a conclusion.

Round Five:

Into the final five minutes then. Kennedy putting his straight right to good use straight away. Bisping connects cleanly with a left.

Bisping darts in and out with the jab and a kick. Kennedy moves in with a body lock and gets a takedown.

Bisping immediately works his way back up only to be dumped back down again. Kennedy moves into mount, but Bisping does well to get away from that.

He can’t get up to his feet though before Kennedy is on him again with three minutes to go.

Yet again Kennedy battles for full mount, but Bisping locks him into half guard. The referee opts to stand then up.

Kennedy with a front kick to the body and Bisping with strikes.

Kennedy ducks in for a takedown, but doesn’t get it. Bisping with the jab and then meets the ducking Kennedy with a kick, but not too much power behind it.

Bisping with a high kick. Kennedy presses forward and lands with the right.

Left and a right connect for Kennedy. Bisping pressing forward with urgency and lands a punch of his own. He goes upstairs with a kick that’s blocked.

30 seconds to go and a tired looking spinning attack from Bisping completely misses. Bisping really pushing the pace and unleashes a few final blows before the fight draws to a close.


The judges are unanimous in their decision with Tim Kennedy comfortably defeating Michael Bisping (49-46 x2, 50-45) to go 3-0 in the UFC.

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