Tim Kennedy Tries Trash-Talking On Twitter To Find His Next Opponent

Former Strikeforce fighter Tim Kennedy has claimed he’s heart-broken that he’s no longer fighting Lyoto Machida at the upcoming ‘Fight For The Troops’ event in November, and he’s doing his best to get over it by calling out pretty much every fighter he can think of on the UFC’s roster, regardless of their weight-class!

Chris Camozzi:

“Hey @ChrisCamozzi I think you have bad hair, and should fight me in defense if your stylist. (My best attempt at picking a fight).”

“@TimKennedyMMA how dare you talk about my hair!!! That’s crossing the line bro! I’m always available.”

“So @danawhite this is what happened. I made fun of @ChrisCamozzi ‘s hair. He got mad… So to settle things we decided to fight!”

Gegard Mousasi:

“Yo @mousasi_mma I’m not exactly sure where Leiden is, but I want to put you in a “Dutch oven”. (See what I did there). Let’s fight over it.”

Wanderlei Silva:

“Mr. @wandfc Don’t fight Chael Sonnen. He has better wrestling than me, and a better chin. I am a way easier fight. You vs Me Nov 6th.”

Nick Diaz:

“News flash!!! @nickdiaz209 I stole your pot, and bicycle. If you want them back you have to come out of retirement and fight me @ufc Nov 6th.”

Rafael Natal:

Opportunity knocks you always win, but no one knows who you are. When I’m done with you, neither will you(Tough guy voice)

Costa Philippou:

“Screw it…. Hey want to get back in there asap? I promise not to wrestle if you promise not to punch me?!?!”

Thales Leites:

“I wanted to point out to Mr. that my last 3 opponents were from Brazil & they “fell through”perhaps you would actually show up”

Rich Franklin:

“Hey aka “American Fighter” I want your nickname. It’s cool & clever. I’ll fight you for it! Tim (aka future American Fighter)”

‘Shogun’ Rua:

“Mr Australia is a long flight how bout you/me in kentucky & we go at 195lbs. You don’t need training camp since you don’t train.”

“I think dresses like a Brooklyn pimp (not the classy kind). I should give him a lesson in style and fighting. FFTT 3 Nov 6th”

Alistair Overeem:

“Hey You vs me (catch weight) Nov 6th at Fight For The Troops 3. Winner gets a lifetime supply of horse meat.”

Hector Lombard:

“Watching The Hobbit & giggling at the similarities to & some of the characters (but buff) in the movie. Fight me Nov 6?”





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