Tim Kennedy Smashes Rafael Natal At UFC Fight For The Troops 3

Tim Kennedy didn’t get off to the best of starts against Rafael Natal tonight in the main event of UFC Fight For The troops 3, but he gave those in attendance plenty to cheer about when he produced a devastating finish late in the first round.

Round One

They touch gloves and we’re underway in the main event. Kennedy catches a kick and throws a right hand over the top.

Natal lands a body kick and a hard right hook. Leg kick from Natal and soon after Kennedy lands a couple of his own.

Crowd are very much pro-Kennedy in this fight – understandable given his strong ties to the army.

Natal finds a home for a couple of meaningful punches, but Kennedy keeps moving forward regardless. Natal’s been getting off first with his punches so far though and he doesn’t want to keep eating shots like that.

Brief takedown from Natal, but Kennedy gets quickly back up. Natal lands a leg kick that knocks Kennedy off-balance.

Good body kick from Kennedy and Natal misses with a spinning kick.

Kennedy’s taking the center of the cage and stalking Natal, but he’s not quite found his range yet aside from with his kicks.

Into the final minute and Kennedy pushes forward only to be met with a solid punch from Natal for his troubles.

Out of nowhere Kennedy suddenly leaps forward with a huge left hook that dumps Natal to the mat. Kennedy quickly follows up on the mat with a few strikes to earn the TKO win with just 20 seconds of the round remaining and end the evening on a high.


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