Tim Means Defeats Mike Perry by Unanimous Decision At UFC 255

Tim Means was able to outstrike Mike Perry tonight at UFC 255 to earn a unanimous decision victory in Las Vegas.

Round One:

Leg kicks exchanged. Body punch for Means. Jab for Means. Perry attempts a takedown against the cage and after making some adjustments he brings him down.

Perry in Means guard and manages to pass to half-guard. He’s trying for side control, but then is able to take Means back instead.

Perry brings Means on top of him as he works for an opportunity to sink in the rear-naked choke. He starts to get it in tight and Means could be in danger here. Perry changes arms and again its a real threat, but Means does manage to survive.

Now Means manages to turn into Perry and gets the fight back to the feet. Body punch for Means and a knee to the body.

Outside leg kick for Perry. Jab from Means and another lands soon after. Heavy body shot from Perry. Means with a solid knee to the body in response.

Push kick for Means. Hard right hook from Perry. Nice flurry of punches from Means. Now a low kick for him. Means doubles up on the jab as the round is coming to an end.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Perry. Means with a jab. Punch to the chest from Means. Jabs for him and a low leg kick from Perry.

Now a jab from Perry and tries to get in on a takedown. Means brushes that aside. Perry attempts a head kick and then works punches to the body.

Leg kick for Means. Foot jab for him. Now a jab upstairs. Nice right uppercut from Means as Perry was loading up for a punch.

Push kick for Means. Now a punch. Solid body punch for Perry and just misses with a hook upstairs. Leg kick from Perry.

Solid straight left for Means. Leg kick for Perry. Hard right hook for Perry and Means backs up fora moment. They jockey for position against the cage and then reset at striking range.

Leg kick for Means. Jumping front kick to the body from Perry. Means with a kick now. Knee for Means. solid jab for Means.

Means briefly thinks about the thai clinch, but then abandons it. Elbow for Means. Perry throwing heavy leather.

Outside leg kick for Means. Triple jab for Means. Body punch for Perry. Means back to the jab as the round ends.

Round Three:

Leg kicks from Means. Perry gets in on a takedown attempt against the cage. He works a trip, but Means just manages to stay up.

Perry still working hard for a potential takedown, but Means turns him into the cage and then lands a right hand as he backs away.

Now Means landing solid punches. He goes to the body and head. Perry lands a jab. Perry trying to let his hands go, but Means connects with a counter.

Back to the jab from Means. Jab again and then a body punch. Nice left hook for Means. Perry connects with a right hand at close range. Perry landing again. Now a right hook.

Perry steps into a big right hook. Means is indulging Perry in a brawl now at close range. A risky strategy and both fighters are eating some solid blows here, but then Means drives across the Octagon looking for a takedown. Nothing doing though.

Back to striking range they go. Solid right hand for Perry, but his face is looking quite beaten up at this stage.

PErry with a one-two. Elbow from Means and then a left behind it. Powerful right hand for Perry and then a knee. Leg kicks from Means and a body punch.

Leg kick for Perry. Body kick for Means. Body punch from him. Final 10 seconds and they both start swinging for the fences and are connecting with some of these without finding that killer blow that would end the fight before it goes to the judges.


Good performance from Means then as she proved to be more active and accurate on the feet, while Perry couldn’t follow up on his early grappling success, leading to a unanimous decision victory for ‘The Dirty Bird’ (30-27, 29-28 x2).

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