Tim Means Destroys Sabah Homasi At UFC 202

Tim Means

Tim Means handed UFC newcomer Sabah Homasi a one-sided beatdown tonight at UFC 202, finding a home for his punches, knees and elbows repeatedly until fhe finally sealed a TKO victory in the second round.

Round One:

Left hook lands for Homasi. Now a leg kick for him and Means lands a good counter.

Another kick for Homasi and a nice punch landed flush for Means. Homasi continues to stick to the leg kicks, but gets tagged with a few punches as Means finds his range early in this main card opening encounter.

Homasi looks to get the fight to the floor, but it’s not long before Means is back up and immediately lands a short series of hooks.

Means ducks under a punch and goes into the clinch. He moves to the cage, but then backs away. Punch lands for Homasi.

Homasi winging some shots and they both trade at close range. Means continues to pressure and lands a good front kick. Homasi bursts forward and lands a nice takedown. Means with some elbows to his opponents arm while on his back.

Means back to his feet. He pours on some heavy offense, landing some nasty elbows that leaves Homasi with a cut above his left eye.

Another really nice elbow from Means. Good accuracy on his strikes so far, though he doesn’t quite land with the spinning elbow.

Means with knees and elbows against the cage and Homasi’s struggling, but makes it to the end of the round, landing a punch of his own just before the bell.

Round Two:

Head kick attempt from Means that’s blocked. Now a front kick to the body and a lengthy punch behind it. Leg kick for Homasi. Three piece combo for Means.

Another good front kick from Means and now a side kick. Body kick from Homasi, but then Means just comes back with one of his own. Sharp jab from ‘The Dirty Bird’.

Knee series and elbows for Means, but Homasi remains standing. He looks exhausted though and his blood is smeared with blood. He gets tagged with a big hook from Means and a few more punches behind it.

One-two from Means. He continues to hunt down his opponent and drills him with another four-piece combination and that’s it, the referee takes pity on the blood-soaked Homasi and steps in to save him from further punishment, giving Means the TKO victory.

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