Tito Ortiz Confirms He Wants Rematch With Chael Sonnen

Tito Ortiz already holds a win over Chael Sonnen in the Bellator promotion, and it seems like he’s willing to steer clear of retirement again for now in order to do it all over again.

“He started it,” Ortiz told TMZ regarding a rematch with Sonnen. “As Chuck started it. And Chuck only lasted what? Four and a half minutes? He called me out man. I’m gonna stay in retirement. I’m still gonna stay retired, and I’m gonna smash Chael. I’m not gonna choke him, I’m not gonna submit him, I’m gonna smash him. I’ll put a show on for every one of the fans. That’s what I’m gonna do.”

Ortiz also spoke out about a potential venue for the rematch if it does take place, indicating that he’d like to go somewhere he’s never fought before.

“So, I was the first UFC fighter – mixed martial artist – to ever fight in California. First one. First one to fight in Las Vegas. First one. First one to fight in Florida. First one. So, I’d like to just add to my repertoire of being able to go to Madison Square Gardens and fight. Where the greatest have fought. People like Ali, people like Frazier, people like Foreman. Just to do something great for mixed martial arts, at the expense of Chael Sonnen.”

He then returned to discussing his desire to beat up his rival and made it clear he wants the fight to last longer than the 2.03mins it took him to submit ‘The American Gangster’ last time out.

“This guy has a loud mouth. I’m gonna shut him up. Like I say: I’m not gonna choke him, I’m not gonna submit him, I’m gonna pummel him for three rounds. And give the fans what they want to see, and that’s a great fight.”

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