Bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw showed off another vintage striking display tonight at UFC On FOX 16 to defeat Renan Barao in their long awaited rematch.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway with a touch of the gloves. Barao with a body kick. Another one from Barao. Front kick now.

Barao tries to flurry and Dillashaw moves away. Dillashaw with lots of movement and Barao tries a spinning kick that makes him loses his balance, but he gets right back up.

Good body kick from Barao. He lands a couple of knees now. Uppercut from Dillashaw and another punch behind it.

Dillashaw with a straight down the pipe. He’s landing some good punches here and now presses Barao up against the cage. A few punches to the legs from Dillashaw and a knee. Barao with a knee to the body. He lands another. Two land in a row as Dillashaw continues to press him into the cage, but doesn’t unload much offense.

Barao with another knee as they break away. Dillashaw slips on a kick as they look to exchange. Big head kick from Dillashaw wings over Barao’s head.

Dillashaw landing a left and a right. He lands another stinging shot and Barao looks a bit dazed there and swings wildly in return.

Dillashaw with a rapier jab that lands lightning quick. He’s got the speed advantage here and is doing a good job of landing and moving away from counters.

Now the champion lands to the head with a kick. Barao with a good right hook. His best punch of the fight so far. They exchange in close and it’s Barao who got the better of that, tagging Dillashaw several times there. The champion putting himself at risk brawling in close like that. Exciting to watch though!

Round Two:

Both men throwing strikes but not landing early in the second. Dillashaw with a good body kick. Dillashaw into the clinch and lands punches as he does so. He’s going in on a takedown attempt against the cage. Barao prevents it and Dillashaw goes back to just working from the clinch.

Knee to the leg from Dillashaw. Barao tries to land one of his own. Dillashaw looks to land a hook as he moves away.

The start to exchange in close again and Dillashaw picks his punches nicely. Barao with a low takedown and he gets Dillashaw down, but the champion bounces straight back up and reverses Barao up against the cage. Dillashaw with a few short punches and knees.

Barao breaks away and starts winging punches, but Dillashaw cracks him cleanly and that definitl took a toll on the challenger. Dillashaw with a kick to the leg, but it lands somewhat awkwardly and he gets knocked off-balance for a second.

Barao with a leg kick. High kick for Dilashaw. Barao wings another shot that’s well wide of the mark and Dillashaw lands an accurate body punch in return.

Left hands landing for Dillashaw clinically. Punch lands over the top for Dillashaw. Barao with an overhand of his own landing now and DIllashaw grins at him.

Dillashaw in for the takedown, but Barao stuffs it. Dillashaw presses him to the cage and lands a few short knees to the legs. Final 10 seconds and Dillashaw thinks about the takedown, then just lands a few more punches. A couple land after the bell as he gets caught up in the moment.

Round Three:

Dillashaw light on his feet to start the third. He presses forward and throws a head kick which is blocked. He’s bobbing and weaving in close and is picking his punches nicely. He lands a right hand with Barao glancing on a counter.

Center of the cage and Dillashaw goes upstairs with a kick that’s blocked. Right hook lands for the champion. He connects with a solid jab.

Barao tries a takedown, but ends on his knees with Dillashaw spinning around and looking to secure top control. He gets back up now and away.

Dillashaw working more kicks. He lands a hard one to the body. Exchange of punches in close. Dillashaw with a good uppercut. He presses Barao to the cage half-way through the round. He lands a knee to the body and a few short punches. He targets the body and legs with punches now.

Hard knee from Barao. Dillashaw continues punching to the body. Another knee from Barao. Dillashaw lands a couple of knees to the legs. Another solid knee from Barao. Suddenly Barao goes for the guillotine and Dillashaw immediately backs away.

Right hook for Dillashaw as he dances around Barao. Barao just wings over Dillashaw’s head with a kick. Punch gets through for Dillashaw and Barao seems hurt. Dillashaw flurries in the final seconds of the round. He lands a knee upstairs and Barao responds with one of his own. Barao looks tired and a bit dazed heading back to his corner.

Round Four:

Into the championship rounds we go. Barao with a leg kick. Another leg kick and then punches. A right hand lands hard and Barao is rocked again. He’s backed against the cage and his head is getting snapped left and right by repeated blows. His legs buckle, but he stays upright. The former champion is showing tremendous heart, but he’s getting blasted here and almost everything that Dillashaw is throwing is landing with aplom.

The left and rights continue to land and that’s it, the referee has rightly decided that Barao’s suffered enough punishment, Dillashaw defends his title with an impressive TKO victory at 0.35mins of the fourth round.

What a talent Dillashaw is, absolutely clinical with his punches and with great movement and speed backing it all up. Barao is a hell of a fighter, but it appears he’s simply met his match here.