TJ Dillashaw barely put a foot wrong tonight against Mike Easton at UFC Fight Night 35 tonight, showing excellent combinations on the feet over the course of three rounds to notch up a unanimous decision victory.

Round One

Dillashaw with a little flurry in the early goings and Easton fires off a head kick that misses.

Dillashaw with a body kick and Easton responds with a combination of punches.

Leg kick for Dillashaw that’s blocked. Nice right lands for him too. He finds a home for a body kick and then Easton fires back with one of his own that knocks Dillashaw off-balance.

He gets right back up and then gets Easton to the mat up against the cage. Easton gets his feet on Dillashaw’s hips and is able to push him off and stand-up, though Dillashaw gets straight back in there and clinches him up against the cage.

Not for long though as after a few short strikes they break apart. Easton tries to clinch and Dillshaw provides some distance again with a combination of punches to the head.

Really nice combination from Dillashaw as he presses forward, landing a punch then an uppercut and a kick to follow.

Dillashaw with another flurry of punches and kicks – really nice stuff here from him. Easton seems to be signalling that he got eye-poked, but the ref isn’t stopping it and Dillashaw continues to reel off shots that back him up against the cage. Luckily for him the round comes to a close before his opponent can land any further punishment.

Round Two

Dillshaw straight back to landing the better shots from the off in the second round. He’s throwing a higher volume of strikes with greater variety and they are cleaner too.

Easton sporting a cut above one of his eyes now and to add to his woes Dillashaw gets him down too. Dillashaw trying to progress, but Easton finds space to get back up only to be met with a big knee and more punches before he gets away.

More strikes from Dillshaw aand he uses that to set up another takedown. He’s really in control here which is impressive because Easton is no slouch.

Speaking of which, Easton finds a way to get back to his feet again, but Dillshaw remains glued to him and has back, landing knees to the legs against the cage. Dillashaw tries to hoist him up and land the takedown, but Easton shows good balance to remain on his feet.

Easton tries to drop down with a kimura, but his opponent is wise to it and breaks free, ending the round on top and very much in control of this fight for the first 10 minutes.

Round Three

Leg kick from Easton as he strides forward with purpose in the final round. Swing and a miss from Dillashaw.

a couple of rights connect for Dillshaw and are followed up by a couple of more strikes behind it – his combinations are fun to watch.

Another left and right hit home for Dillashaw, he’s got the timing and range down nicely here. Uppercut lands and then there’s a push kick to put him back out of reach.

He’s staying busy here while Easton seems to be unsure how he can gain the momentum in the stand-up. He attempts a takedown, but it doesn’t pay off.

Into the final 60 seconds and Easton tries a high kick that lands to the upper body. Dillashaw tries one of his own that glances the head of his opponent.

10 seconds to go and they go toe-to-toe with Dillashaw landing cleaner, though a big hook from Easton only just wings over the top of his head. Dillashaw ends with a couple more nice punches.


Stellar performance from Dillashaw here and unsurprisingly all three judges see him winning the fight decisively (30-27 x3).