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TJ Dillashaw Comfortably Outpoints Raphael Assuncao At UFC 200

Former bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw avenged a previous loss to Raphael Assuncao tonight at UFC 200 by unanimous decision.

Round One:

Assuncao misses with a right hand. Dillashaw with a leg kick. Right hand flashes for Dillashaw. Assuncao with a leg kick, and Dillashaw counters with a punch.

Leg kick for Assuncao and then one in response from Dillashaw. Dillashaw connects with a right hand. TJ pumps out the jab and then goes for a kick.

Left and a right for Dillashaw, and a kick for Assuncao. Dillashaw tries an overhand, but misses. Nice straight right for Dillashaw.

Couple of leg kicks for Dillashaw. Leg kick for Assuncao. spinning kick to the body from Assuncao. Inside leg kick for him.

Dillashaw presses forward with strikes. Kick for Dillashaw and a knee for Assuncao. Inside leg kick for TJ. Dillashaw ducks down but goes upstairs with a head kick.

Counter for Assuncao as Dillashaw loads up on an overhand. Dillashaw thinks about a takedown, then settles for the clinch agaisnt the cage.

Head kick from Dillashaw blocked. Misses leg kick for Dillashaw, but Assuncao lands one. Dillashaw with a flurry of jabs then tries for the head kick.

Another kick upstairs from Dillashaw. TJ stumbles as Assuncao attacks. Now it’s Assuncao attempting a head kick. Good action as the round comes a close.

Round Two:

Dillashaw steps away from a leg kick and then springs forward with a nice punch to the head. Leg kick for Assuncao. Dillashaw bursts into a takedown and gets Assuncao down, but only for a moment before his opponent springs back upright.

Dillashaw counters a kick perfectly with a straight right. Assuncao already had a litte blood coming from his nose, and it’ll only be more so after that.

Assuncao with a right. Another excellent straight right from Dillashaw to the jawline this time. Assuncao with a spinning kick to the head that just misses.

left for Dillashaw. Now a right, but Assuncao also lands a quick right too. Assuncao with a one-two and Dillashaw connects with a leg kick.

dillashaw misses with a combination and Assuncao counters with a hook. Leg kick for TJ. Dillashaw comes up just short with a few punches. He finds a home for the right. Leg kick for Assuncao.

Front kick attempt to the body from Assuncao. Assuncao bursts into a takedown and lands it, but TJ bounces straight back up.

Good uppercut for Assuncao. Dillashaw presses forward with punches. Ref stops the fight for a moment so the doctor can check the blood pouring from Assuncao’s nose, but he’s fine to continue.

Dillashaw puts Assuncao on the mat for a moment, but he’s back up again. Right hand for Assuncao. He comes pressing forward and takes a punch on the face on the way in. Assuncao wants another takedown, but the round comes to a close.

Round Three:

Assuncao with a head kick attempt. Right hand for Dillashaw and one from Assuncao. Assuncao with a spinning kick that doesn’t connect.

Body kick for Assuncao. He just misses with a right hand. Exchange of leg kicks. Left hand connects for Dillashaw. And again with the straight elft.

left and a right in close for Assuncao. Front kick to the body for Assuncao. Left and a right for DIllashaw. TJ drives in for a takedown, but it’s stuffed.

Body kick for Dillashaw. Half the round remaining as they size each other up. Assuncao loses his balance momentarily on a leg kick attempt. TJ tries a kick upstairs that comes up short. Same goes for Assuncao.

Good body kick for Dillashaw. Nice body shot for the former champ. Dillashaw with a leg kick. Assuncao with a high kick.

Dillashaw with jabs then a head kick that wings past Assuncao’s head. A minute to go now and Assuncao lands a body kick. Now a leg kick.

Dillashaw with a leg kick of his own. Good movement from Dillahasw as he’s shown through the fight. Then he times a really nice takedown and secures half guard with 30 seconds remaining. Assuncao does well to scramble to his feet.

10 seconds to go and Dillashaw just keeps his distance and ticks down the clock.


Dillashaw had the edge here from start to finish and he earns himself a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

Dillashaw has made real improvements to his game since the last time he fought Assuncao, and he demonstrated it here.

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