Todd Duffee KO’s Anthony Hamilton In Just 33 Seconds At UFC 181

Todd Duffee returned to the Octagon after a two year absence in style tonight at UFC 181, knocking out Anthony Hamilton in 33 seconds.

Round One:

Duffee with a right hand to start. Hamilton looks for a takedown, but nothing doing.

They start to exchange in close and Duffee is getting the better of it. Then he lands a powerful right to the temple and Hamilton collapses in on himself and then his face bounces off the canvas.

Duffee follows up on the mat and this one is all over – Duffee gets a huge knockout victory to mark his comeback with only 33 seconds on the clock.

So, Duffee reminds everyone why he was a hotly tipped prospect a few years ago when he burst into the UFC with the joint fastest KO in history (7 seconds), and tonight proves that was no fluke.


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