Tony Ferguson Taps Edson Barboza After Thrilling Fight At TUF 22 Finale

Tony Ferguson emerged victorious in a terrific scrap with Edson Barboza tonight at the TUF 22 Finale, with both men getting into a series of thrilling exchanges on the feet before Ferguson finally found the finish via a d’arce choke submission.

Round One:

Ferguson lands a left hand straight away. Barboza returning fire with good shots of his own though.

Barboza landing again nicely. Suddenly Ferguson rolls spectacularly into a takedown. Unusual position with neither man quite having the advantage from a 50/50. Ferguson looking to land offense regardless. Unfortunately he gets a bit carried away and lands an illegal kick to the face which seemed to rock Barboza a bit and forces a stoppage.

They continue, but not before Ferguson is deducted a point. They get back to it and immediately both men are landing hard strikes. Ferguson is pushing the pace with plenty of forward momentum, but Barboza is ready for it.

Ferguson tries that fancy roll again, but it doesn’t pay off off this time. Ferguson with a kick and Barboza catches it and takes him down. It’s not long before he decides to back up and get back to his feet though.

Ferguson presses forward, but eats a strike as he looks to clinch. Barboza able to keep his range. Barboza with a nice left hand. Ferguson with a combo of his own. Spinning attack from Barboza. Exciting, fast and furious exchanges here.

Walloping left hand for Barboza. That rolling takedown from Ferguson again doesn’t pay off. Ferguson back pressuring, but Barboza lands a hard spinning kick to the body.

Front kick to the body from Ferguson which is caught, but he still lands a punch too. Hard to keep up with these two as they’ve both been unleashing all kinds of offense in this fast paced first round.

Round Two:

Ferguson marches forward and eats a punch. Hard leg kick from Barboza and then one to the body. Ferguson lands a body kick of his own.

Two huge elbows from Ferguson and Barboza has a big cut high on his head. Ferguson bleeding too. Both men taking damage.

Ferguson with a kick and Barboza takes him down. Barboza goes into Ferguson’s full guard and lands a couple of strikes. Blood pouring from both men’s cuts here as they stand back up.

Both land as they exchange in close. Big right hand for Barboza. Barboza looks for one of his spinning head kicks, but Ferguson ducked underneath.

Hard strike for Ferguson. Barboza surprisingly looking for a takedown, but Ferguson stuffs it and then is able to bundle Barboza to the mat and is immediately looking for the d’arce choke. He’s got it in tight and that’s it, Barboza taps!

What a great fight! So much action from both men and then an excellent submission finish from the very dangerous Ferguson who’ll continue to climb the lightweight ranks.  This could well end up being a strong Fight Of The year contender.

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