Tony Ferguson Taps Out Gleison Tibau Quickly At UFC 184

Tony Ferguson impressed tonight in the main card opener at UFC 184 with a first round stoppage victory over seasoned veteran Gleison Tibau.

Round One:

Ferguson with a leg kick to start. Tibau with a head kick attempt, but falls to the mat off of it and has to scramble back up.

Ferguson back to the leg kick now. He moves forward with purpose to land another one. He continues to target the leg, but this time eats a punch on the way in. tibau looking to land punches, but Ferguson utilizes good head movement.

Tibau with a kick that Ferguson catches and uses to dump him to the mat. Tibau back up again and Ferguson starts to let his punches go. Tibau might be hurt. If he wasn’t before he definitely is now as Ferguson clocks him with a right hand behind the ear.

Tibau wobbled now and Ferguson smells blood. He snaps Tibau down to the mat and goes for the rear-naked choke. He’s got it locked in tight and that’s a wrap, Tibau taps out with 2.37mins on the clock.


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