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Travis Browne Defeats Brendan Schaub By 1st Round TKO At UFC 181

Travis Browne proved to be too much for Brendan Schaub tonight at UFC 181, initially rocking him with an uppercut before finishing off the job with ground and pound at the end of the first round.

Round One:

Browne takes the center of the Octagon to start. Schaub with a tentative leg kick. Browne misses with a punch and Schaub was thinking about clinching their.

Schaub with a body kick, but Browne catches it and puts him to the mat. Schaub back up immediately. Schaub looks to clinch, Browne lands a big knee.

Schaub with a kick and gets caught with a punch. Schaub presses forward with punches, but Browne is out of danger.

Schaub in on a takedown attempt and he gets it. Browne immediately working hard to get back up. He manages to, but Schaub trips him back down again.

He can’t keep him there though and Schaub pops back up. Browne looking to let his strikes go. He lands an uppercut as Schaub is coming forward and it drops him to the mat clearly hurt.

Browne looking to finish this, but Schaub though dazed is trying to keep him at bay on the mat. Browne dominant here though and is able to mount his opponent with relative ease.

Schaub doesn’t look entirely with it and has blood coming from his mouth – he’s just surviving and no more as Browne continues to press for a stoppage with strikes.

Browne’s got Schaub’s back now and is flattening him out and landing shots to his head as the referee warns Schaub to defend himself. He gives him plenty of opportunity, but Schaub looks resigned to defeat and that’s a wrap – Browne wins by TKO with just 10 seconds remaining of the opening round.

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