There was an unfortunate end to the co-main event of UFC 171 tonight as Carlos Condit appeared to hurt his knee during a takedown from Tyron Woodley and then was left unable to continue after Woodley landed a big leg kick soon afterwards to produce a TKO stoppage.

Round One:

The co-main event is underway. The two stay at range in the opening thirty seconds then Woodley lands a big punch that sends Condit backwards.

Woodley lands another right hand solidly. Again he closes in and scores with punches and Condit tries unsuccessfully to lock in a clinch.

Good chin shown by Condit to withstand those earlys strikes though.

Woodley in the clinch now, pressing Condit against the cage. He’s landing some short shots inside and a good elbow. Then Condit reverses and lands some of his own.

Woodley spins him again as they jockey for control in the opening round. Woodley with a few more knees and an uppercut before backing away.

Nice punch from Condit. Then he comes in with a flurry of strikes as he starts to warm to this fight. He tries to so again and this time Woodley lands a takedown.

Condit busy of his back straight away and then throws up a triangle. Woodley hoists him up into the air and then just throws him off and backs away.

They engage again and Woodley lands another takedown. Condit again threatening from his back and they reset on the feet.

Woodley scores with a nice spinning attack that doesn’t quite land clean, and Condit fires out a head kick as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Condit picking up the pace and being more aggressive to start the second round. He lands an early head kick that’s blocked.

Front kick to the face from Condit doesn’t quite connect and Woodley lands a hard punch that backs him up.

Woodley barrels forward and lands a powerful takedown and Condit seems to wince in pain as if he’s been hurt as he lands.

Woodley in Condit’s closed guard and he’s not able to find much room to move here and after a bit of a stalemate the ref stands them.

Condit seems to be moving ok, but not for long as Woodley lands a kick to ‘The Natural Born Killer’s’ left leg that has Conditin instant pain and after spinning around he falls to the mat in agony.

And that’s a wrap – Condit can’t continue and so Woodley earns a TKO victory with 2 mins of the second round gone.