We’ve got more UFC 159 pre-fight interviews for you today, this time from Michael Bisping who’s taking on Alan Belcher, and Phil Davis who faces Vinny Magalhaes.

Michael Bisping:

Key Quotes:

“I do this for a reason. It’s not for money, it’s because it’s who I am and it’s what I do and I’m one of the best in the world and until I win that title and prove to everybody and shut up all my doubters I’m not gonna stop.”

“I’m certainly going to be the most powerful I’ve ever been in the UFC. I used to go out there and fights very rarely lasted longer than 30 seconds. I’d just go out there fueled on pure aggression and hunger and that’s what I’m going back to. You know, I’ve got the tools, I’ve got the physicalities, I’m not overtraining, so I’ll have the power to do that and Alan Belcher’s going to find out.”

“You’re living in a dream world my friend. You think I can’t thai box? That’s what I do best.”

Phil Davis:

Key Quotes:

“I take him very seriously, but he’s gonna regret asking to fight me. Some lessons have to be learned the hard way.”

“Vinny’s jiu-jitsu doesn’t concern me at all, because he’s bound by the laws of jiu-jitsu. I love jiu-jitsu – jiu-jitsu’s cool, it’s fun, but some of the rules of jiu-jitsu I break. I do the exact wrong thing and it works for me, because I follow the rules of wrestling, and wrestling – it’s a little bit stronger of an artform.”