Dan Henderson and Rashad Evans have been promoted to main event status at UFC 161 on June 15th and you can watch what both men have to say about their upcoming fight in their pre-fight interview below.

Dan Henderson:

Key Quotes:

“I’m gonna use the best tools that I have to try to win this fight and knocking him out is one of my best tools.”

“He’s a different challenge than almost anyone I’ve fought so I’m really looking forward to that – that’s what gets me excited about this fight.”

Rashad Evans:

Key Quotes:

“I’m not gonna stand in front of him and bang it out – hope that I don’t get hit by that big right hand! I’m gonna be smart – he’s gonna want to knock me out…it’s not going to happen. He’s not knocking me out.”

“Takedown, ground-and-pound, roll up our sleeves and get dirty and go to work. I’m gonna try for 50 takedowns in this fight – 50! If I get him down on the ground I wanna ground and pound him ’til it’s done.”