UFC 162 Results: Cub Swanson Finishes Dennis Siver In The Third Round


Cub Swanson notched up another big win tonight at UFC 162 with an impressive third round TKO stoppage of Dennis Siver.

The two men trade leg kicks to start this fight off. Siver lands a few hard punches and Swanson back ups momentarily.

Winging overhand from Swanson is blocked. He tries to follow up with a spinning head kick, but Siver grabs ahold of him and lands a takedown.

He’s working from half guard, trying to improve his position, but swanson’s making it awkward for him. Finally he manages to do so, getting to side control. He’s landing a few shots, but nothing too powerful.

Swanson attempts to burst out from under him, but instead Siver ends up in mount. He doesn’t do too much with it though and Swanson manages to wriggle out of the dangerous spot and eventually gets back upright after threatening with a guillotine choke.

Not much time left in the round to work, but Swanson does land a couple of nice kicks.

Onto round two. Back to the low kicking game from both men. Swanson goes to the mid-section with a spinning back kick. A few punches are being exchanged to at times and it’s fairly even.

suddenly Swanson launches in with a cartwheel kick. It looks spectacular, but doesn’t land cleanly.

Bit of a lull, a few light kicks from Siver and then Swanson throws a spinning kick to the head, but again it doesn’t have a big impact.

Swanson looks like he’s getting a bit looser with his striking as the round goes on though, settling more into the rhythm of the fight. He lands a nice body kick and shortly afterwards appears to hurt Siver with a big uppercut.

There’s a stunning takedown from Swanson, flipping Siver right over and then lands him in the mount position in the final minute. He lands some punches then in the final 10 seconds goes for an omaplata.

Round three begins and Swanson starts brightly, going upstairs with a kick. He looks the quicker of the two men at this stage in the fight. Swanson is mixing things up nicely here and is offering more offense, while Siver is being a little hesitant.

Big right hand from Swanson, a left then another right. Siver’s hurt and as Swanson continues to unleash the punchesthe German fighter tumbles to the ground. Swanson fires off more punches while standing over him and that’s enough to bring this fight to a close by TKO with 2.24mins of the third round gone.


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