UFC 166 Results: Daniel Cormier Outstrikes Roy Nelson En-Route To Decision Victory

Daniel Cormier was comfortably able to outstrike Roy Nelson over the course of three rounds tonight at UFC 166 in his final heavyweight fight before moving down to the light-heavyweight division.

Round One

Cautious start from Cormier as he circles around Nelson.  Then he settles down and flicks off a few jabs.  Nelson presses forward and Cormier immediately swoops down to his legs and lands a good takedown.

He starts to lands some solid ground and pound against the cage.  Nelson gets his feet under him and tries to stand.  Cormier drags him down, but Nelson again stands.

There’s a real battle here as Nelson attempts a kimura while Cormier tries for the takedown.  Nelson’s starting to really threaten with the submission and that forces Cormier to readjust his position, but he simply spins to Nelson’s back and continues where he left off.

He opts to clinch up with Nelson against the cage.  He lands a nice punch and then a great knee to the midsection.  Another knee fires in and this one lands a little low, hitting Nelson’s cup and forces a stoppage.

Soon after they get back to it with cormier landing a glancing body kick.  He flicks out the jab and ducks a counter from Nelson.  Then Nelson wings another punch and Cormier ducks underneath.

Cormier fires back with a couple of punchse that rock Nelson’s head back.  A couple more land with a smack, but Nelson doesn’t look phased and lumbers in with a huge haymaker that Cormier ducks underneath and then smiles.

Round Two

Nelson pumps out his own jab to start round two. Punches miss for Nelson and Cormier also misses the target with an upkick.

A few near misses from each man, but a leg kick from Cormier is the first real blow to land this round. Cormier faking for the takedown at times which is keeping Nelson on his toes.

Nice push kick from Cormier. Soon after he presses forward aggressively and lands a good right hand. Against the cage he lands a solid knee and then another big right that seems to hurt Nelson, though as usual he recovers quickly.

There’s a bit of a scramble and then Cormier clinches again against the cage. Short uppercut lands. Another two-piece combo lands in tight.

Nelson moves out and gets back to the center of the Octagon. Hard left hand followed by a right connects for Cormier. Not a whole lot coming in return from Nelson thus far.

Chopping leg kick from Cormier, then Nelson lands one of his own. Cormier fires off a few high kicks that don’t do a whole lot. Cormier fires a few solid jabs and then a nice right hand as the round comes to a close.

Round Three

Cormier throwing kicks again to the start the round. clubbing right hand over the top connects for the former Strikeforce heavyweight GP champion.

Nelson lands to the body. Cormier peppering him with the jab and another overhand right follows.

Spinning kick to the body glances to the body of Nelson. Solid body kick connects for Cormier. Not a whole lot of urgency from Nelson here as Cormier seems to be trying out his full arsenal of kicks.

Big right hand lands clean for Cormier and he briefly thinks about taking the fight to the mat, then opts to keep it standing.

Nelson sticks his chin out inviting Cormier in, then lands a nice jab. Less than a minute to go and he practically runs forward with an uppercut that just wings past Cormier’s head.

Nelson just doesn’t have the gas left to really mount any sustained offense and Cormier starts to pick his shots and looks comfortable out there. Nelson sends him slightly off-balance with a leg kick and that’s the fight over.


No real doubts about the winner here – Cormier earns a clean sweep on the judges scorecards (30-27 x3).


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