The basic salaries are in for UFC 189 this past Saturday night in Las Vegas and shows that both headlining stars Conor McGregor and Chad Mendes banked $500,000 for their nights work.

McGregor is believed to also have a cut of the pay-per-view revenue which should ensure he’ll make a seven figure salary overall, though it’s not clear if Mendes also gets a cut of the action. Even if he doesn’t this is still a hefty upgrade from the usual $48,000 he’d have earned for a losing performance.

Meanwhile, welterweight champion Robbie Lawler was the other big earner on the night with $300,000 and as a title holder he should be in on a PPV cut too.

Rory MacDonald didn’t fare so well – he only takes home $59,000 for his part in what many believe to be one of the best title fights ever, less than Matt Brown who pocketed $92,000 and Jeremy Stephens who took home $72,000.

Check out all the basic salaries from this past weekends event below and keep in mind this doesn’t include bonuses and sponsorship money.

Conor McGregor: $500,000 (no win bonus)
def. Chad Mendes: $500,000 (wasn’t eligible for win bonus)

Champ Robbie Lawler: $300,000 (includes $150,000 win bonus)
def. Rory MacDonald: $59,000

Jeremy Stephens: $72,000 (includes $40,000 win bonus) – Stephens was fined $8,000 for missing weight
def. Dennis Bermudez: $34,000 – Earned an extra $8,000 due to Stephens fine.

Gunnar Nelson: $58,000 (includes $29,000 win bonus)
def. Brandon Thatch: $22,000

Thomas Almeida: $24,000 (includes $12,000 win bonus)
def. Brad Pickett: $30,000

Matt Brown: $92,000 (includes $46,000 win bonus)
def. Tim Means: $23,000

Alex Garcia: $30,000 (includes $15,000 win bonus)
def. Mike Swick: $48,000

John Howard: $42,000 (includes $21,000 win bonus)
def. Cathal Pendred: $10,000

Cody Garbrandt: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
def. Henry Briones: $10,000

Louis Smolka: $30,000 (includes $15,000 win bonus)
def. Neil Seery: $15,000

Cody Pfister: $20,000 (includes $10,000 win bonus)
def. Yosdenis Cedeno: $13,000