UFC 214 Pre-Fight Press Conference Video And Highlights

Below you’ll find the full UFC 214 pre-fight press conference, and for those of you who don’t have time for the full version there’s also a highlights package too.

UFC 214 Pre-Fight Press Conference:

UFC 214 Presser highlights:


  1. This was such a great chapter that is about to be closed.
    It is clear they are both drained from the awkward hatred they have for each other. The positive side to this rivalry is the introduction to the Jon Jones character that we all knew existed despite him acting so fake over the years. He is not completely out of the closet but at least we see glimpses of it here and there.

    If DC loses, I will always like him for his role in bringing out the real Jon Jones.
    I gotta support DC on this fight but money is on Jones. Jones as a fighter is just so hard to believe he could lose.

  2. I like DC. He’s a great role model and I don’t understand why some fans feel the need to boo him. That being said, I agree with you that Jones will win back his title.

  3. I think fans can relate more to Jones because we are all [email protected]#k ups too in one way or another. Seeing a guy like DC who does everything right and becomes champion by chance kinda pissed everyone off. Its like being around a smart ass perfectionist. Plus he laughs at Jones’ situation and uses the words like “junkie” towards him. I like DC though. I like the new Jones too. Just a sad, uncomfortable, weirdness between them that should have ended back in UFC 200.
    Both made this story great.

    Anyway, looking forward to your picks.


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