The UFC’s plans to host a stadium show in Brazil this year fell through, but that hasn’t put the promotion off and they are now aiming to do one in 2013 instead.

The UFC’s Marshall Zelaznik informed reporters at today’s UFC 153 pre-fight press conference in Rio De Janeiro that they are currently targeting the second half of next year for the event.

There’s no indication just yet of where such a show would take place, but Zelaznik is confident that wherever it ends up, it’ll be a success.

“Every one of the cities in Brazil are trying to get a hold of us to have meeting to bring the event, and we’re confident that if we held an event in any stadium in Brazil, it would be a massive success.”

The UFC had originally planned to host a stadium show for UFC 147: Silva Vs Sonnen II earlier this year, but they had to shelf the idea after running into unforeseen logistical problems, such as the event conflicting with a major U.N conference in Rio on the same weekend.

It was clearly an opportunity missed given all the hype surrounding that rematch in Brazil, but with Zelaznik saying that the region could well overtake Canada to become the second biggest market for the UFC within the next few years, it still remains an obvious choice for their next ‘mega-event’.