Following tonight’s UFC On FOX 3 fight card some of the big winners on the night joined Dana White to talk to the media at the post-fight press conference.

Check out our keynotes from the presser below.

– Dana White says the fights on the card always looked like they were going to be good on paper and delivered on the night. He thinks people were too critical of the quality of the other FOX cards to date though.

– Nate Diaz doesn’t have a preference on whether he fights Ben Henderson or Frankie Edgar, but Dana confirms that Diaz will wait for his title shot rather than taking another bout first.

– Josh koscheck felt like he had won the first and third rounds, but he’s not going to complain about it.

Koscheck admits Hendricks is a good fighter, though he still sounds a bit reluctant to commit to that statement whole-heartedly.

– Jim Miller feels Diaz controlled the fight from start to finish and never let him get into the fight. He adds that Diaz also “rearranged” his nose during the fight.

– Alan Belcher admits that he almost psyched himself out after watching video of Rousimar Palhares tearing up people’s limbs at the ADCC championships. he said that worked out in his favor though as he trained really hard to escape leg locks with high level BJJ specialists and that made the fight easy for him.

– Lavar Johnson looked great tonight and is an exciting finisher says Dana, so he’s happy that he got showcased on the FOX card.

– Miller says he wasn’t effected by Diaz taunting him, it was the strikes that were the problem!

– Dana feels the Diaz brothers have a unique fighting style that’s unlikely anybody else in the sport. He also implies it’s a deceptive style in that people don’t realize how hard they hit until they see the effect their strikes have on their opponents.

– White defends Koscheck and says because he’s a fighter that fans love to boo that he often doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

– White says Johny Hendricks Vs GSP sounds like a good fight. He stops short of saying that he will get a title shot though. hendricks hopes he gets a chance to fight for the belt, but he’ll just wait and see what happens once he’s healed up.

Regarding the eye-poke he received early in the fight, Hendricks admits he was seeing double at one pint.

– Miller reveals he also banged up his ankle during the fight.

– Flyweights are something White always wanted to have in the UFC, but there just wasn’t space for them until now.

– Dana thought that the Koscheck Vs Hendricks fight was even going into the last round and if Koscheck had landed some hard shots on the ground in the closing stages he would have won the fight.

– Lavar Johnson says he was getting tired throwing a high volume of punches trying to finish Pat Barry. He expected Barry to counter, but he didn’t so he just had to continue swinging.

– Louis Gaudinot is just honored to be in the UFC and grateful that the UFC has given him the opportunity to fight at his natural weight class.

He says his long green hair didn’t bother him after Dana asks him if it affected his performance. He admits that he was arguing with his corner in-between rounds as they wanted to tie it up, but he wasn’t fussed.

– Nate says Miller is tough and feels he must have been lucky to be the first fighter to finish him.

– Belcher confesses he had dreamed of shocking everyone by submitting Palhares, but didn’t actually expect it to happen in reality.

– Koscheck says his eye is fine despite looking swollen up, easing fears he may have damaged his orbital again. He says he’d like to line up his next fight in a couple of weeks.

–  Dana reveals that Bellator star Eddie Alvarez was his Octagon-side guest for the main event this evening, fueling speculation that he’s set to sign for the UFC.

Unfortunately technical difficulties have brought down the live stream to the presser so we’ll have the rest of the keynotes from it for tomorrow.