Unquestionably a must-see fight on the ‘UFC On Fuel TV 3’ event tomorrow night will be between Donald Cerrone and Jeremy Stephens, two of the lightweight division’s most exciting fighters.

In a pre-fight interview for the UFC Stephens says he respects Cerrone as a fighter, but won’t respect him in the Octagon. It’s fair to say Cerrone was slightly less complimentary with his opinions of his opponent however.

“He’s a pretty good striker…ok wrestler, and not very good on the ground, so don’t be like ‘he’s well rounded’. He’ll well rounded for the sh!t guys, sure. He’s not very good though.”

Stephens will get a chance to shut him up in the cage, and he certainly expects there to be a substantial amount of violence taking place when that happens.

“Cowboy’s a guy who comes forward, I come forward and we’re going to collide like a car crash and it’s going to be a big bang. I got a good chin and I know I got more power than anybody he’s ever faced so I think it’s going to be a long night for him.”

Check out more of their pre-fight thoughts in the video below.