UFC Primetime: GSP Vs Condit Episode 1: TV Ratings

The TV ratings are in for Friday night’s premiere of ‘UFC Primetime: GSP Vs Condit’ on FX are in and show that an average of 629,000 viewers watched the two fighters as they prepare for their UFC 154 title clash later this month.

That number is slightly higher than the current average for previous seasons of Primetime on FX so far, though it’s still down on the audience the UFC used to draw on Spike TV which occasionally managed to swell to over a million viewers.

Friday night’s episode may have been boosted by an unexpected rise in viewership for TUF 16’s latest episode which aired immediately before it, pulling in 1.1 million viewers – equalling it’s high mark for this season.

Two further episode of the current series of Primetime are set to air on Friday nights leading up to the show in Montreal on November 17th.


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