Anthony Pettis demonstrated why he’s one of the lightweight division’s top contenders tonight at ‘UFC On FOX 6’ as he stopped Donald Cerrone in the first round with body kicks.

Pettis ignores Cerrone’s attempt to tough gloves at the start. He clearly just wants to get down to business and just a few seconds later he demonstrates that with a couple of punches that land.

Pettis looked for an eye-catching cartwheel kick, bu Cerrone shut that down with a knee strike.

Pettis again lands with a punch – he’s found his range early. They stalk each other and Pettis lands a heavy body kick. Cerrone might be hurt, but he’s trying not to show it.

Pettis notices though and he’s looking to land to the mid-section again.

First though he shows off a various of his now famous ‘Showtime Kick’, using the cage as a springboard to land a knee to Cerrone’s face.

Soon after another mid-kick crashes into Cerrone and he folds, dropping down to his hands and knees on the mat.

‘Showtime’ swoops on him, but Cerrone is done and the referee ends the fight at 2.35mins, handing Pettis an impressive first round victory.

Hats off to Pettis, Cerrone is as tough as they come so to finish him at all, let alone with body kicks in the first round is a big feather in his cap and adds plenty of weight behind his push to get a title shot at 155lbs.