Once again Cain Velasquez made short work of Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva tonight at UFC 160, felling him with a left-right combo to the chin before finishing with vicious ground and pound.

A couple of swipes in the air from Velasquez and then he dives down on a low single, but Silva shakes him off.

Silva presses forward and Velasquez tries another takedown and again the Brazilian stops him, though he does land with a body kick instead.

That must give the challenger confidence, not many people can stop Velasquez when he looks to take the fight to the mat.

Unfortunately for Silva it doesn’t help him as he steps forward looking for an uppercut and is met by a left then a crushing right to the chin from Velasquez that buckles him to the canvas.

Velasquez is all over him with big punches. Silva’s trying to get to his feet, but the champion’s all over him and the referee steps in and brings an end to the contest handing Velasquez the TKO win with just 1.21mins on the clock.