UFC Results: Cat Zingano TKO’s Miesha Tate To Become Next TUF Coach

Cat Zingano produced the upset win tonight against Miesha Tate at the TUF 17 Finale and in doing so books her spot as a TUF 18 coach opposite Ronda Rousey.

Tate charges in straight away, gets the clinch and works a takedown, but Zingano scrambles well and gets bakc upright.

Tate’s still holding on to her head though and tries to drag her back to the mat, but it’s not happening and she has to make do with clinching.

Zingano works for a choke and it’s tight and Tate looks in trouble, but she attempts a trip to get out of it.

All action so far and it continues as they break free for a second and lands a punch that stuns Zingano. Tate takes the fight to the mat, but Zingano manages to get on top.

It’s not long before they are back to their feet though and they start to trade punches. Tate landing the more meaningful blows, but Zingano’s getting her licks in too.

Zingano lands a good knee to the head, then another to the body, but Tate presses forward regardless and scores a takedown. She works a little ground and pound and gets some nice elbows in before a fast paced round comes to an end.

Tate a little unsportingly appears to push Zingano’s face down as she gets back to her feet to head to her corner.

Onto round two and Zingano charges out and lands a flying knee to Tate’s mid-section. Tate takes it and goes for the takedown. She has to fight for it, but gets it and is back to working from half guard as she was at the end of the first.

Tate working hard to move to the mount, but Zingano’s doing well to fight her off. Tate fires off some hard ground and pound and that distraction allows her to get the mount.

Zingano immediately reacts though and attempts to spin out of it. Tate looks for the armbar, but Zingano’s crafty and escapes.

Tate’s not letting her off the hook though and gets on to her back. Great action here as Zingano manages to sweep on top and Tate counters with a heel hook.

Tate continues to work the submission, but Zingano is staying cool and eventually works out of the position and gets on top.

She lands some solid ground and pound from side control, then Tate works back up to her feet. Zingano lands a couple of good shots as the bell ends another entertaining round.

The final five minutes are upon us with both men showing the wear and tear of this battle on their faces as they get to it again.

Zingano goes for a low takedown early and lands it very nicely. Zingano lands an elbow and then some punches to the face as Tate looks for a way out.

Tate scrambles up to her knees, but Zingano’s still all over her and brings her onto her back again for some more ground and pound.

Tate working hard to escape and finally she gets up to her feet only to be met with a huge knee that sends her back to the mat.

Back up again she goes and again Zingano slams multiple knees to her head. An elbow follows and Tate drops to her knees again – and the referee’s seen enough, calling an end to the fight!

Great fight from both ladies, with Tate perhaps edging the earlier action, but Zingano really coming on strong in the third and producing a vicious finish.

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