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UFC Results: Cub Swanson Beats Dustin Porier In Competitive Fight On Fuel TV

Cub Swanson and Dustin Poirier put on a high-tempo, competitive fight for the fans in London at ‘UFC On Fuel TV 7’, but overall Swanson got the better of it and claimed a unanimous decision victory.

A few low kicks from both men to start things off. Swanson’s mixing in some punches too, though they are being blocked by Poirier’s solid guard.

Poirier charges forward with a takedown attempt, but Swnason stuffs it. Poirier ducks a punch and lands a nice punch and kick of his own. Swanson dives in with punches, but Poirier counters.

Unexpected high kick from Swanson, but it’s blocked. Poirier pushes forward with another takedown attempt, but has to settle for the clinch against the cage before landing a right hand on the way back out.

Swanson gets dynamic with a jumping high kick and then a flurry of punches that seems to have Poirier hurt.

Swanson’s really upped the temp here, but he gets over-eager and Poirier is able to land a takedown. He starts working a bit of ground and pound from inside his opponent’s guard, though Swanson pops up again with 10 seconds to go.

Winging body shot from Swanson lands early in the first. Poirier responds with a nice combination and follows up with a body shot that puts Swanson in reverse gear for a second.

Nice left hook counter from Swanson as Poirier pushes forward. Soon after he connects with a solid body kick too.

Poirier ducks down looking for the double-leg and presses Swanson up against the cage. He’s still looking for that takedown, but Swanson breaks free.

Couple of nice punches for Swanson and then he looks for a spinning backfist, but Poirier ducks under and lands a big takedown.

Swanson catches him in an omaplata and uses it to stand back up – nicely done.

Not put off Poirier attempts to set up another takedown against the cage. Swanson stays on his feet and looks for the kimura which helps distract his opponent and allows him to get out of danger again.

Back to the striking again, but there’s not enough time left in the round to get anything going.

Onto the final round in what’s been a high-temp back-and-forth fight, yet both fighters still look to have some spring in their step.

Swanson goes for a high kick, but he’s a bit off-balance and stumbles backwards. Poirier tries to capitalize, going for a takedown against the fence, but again Swanson stuffs it.

Poirier lets his hands go and connects with a nice combination that hurts Swanson and he’s backing off as Poirier comes in looking for more.

A good spell for Poirier here, but just as the momentum is going towards him Swanson smartly drops down and lands a very nice takedown. Poirier’s trying to roll out of trouble, but Swanson hops onto his back. He’s all over him and Poirier can’t shake him loose.

Just as Poirier looked like he might be getting free there’s a scramble and Swanson lands in the mount. It’s a great position for him, but he can’t take advantage and Poirier gets upright.

They go back to striking, but Swanson locks up and produces a beautiful throw to slam his opponent back to the mat. With ten seconds to go Poirier gets out from under him and tries to throw down on his still grounded oponent, but the clock beats him.

Good, competitive action here, but Swanson got the better of it overall and he’s awarded a decision victory (29-28, 30-27 x2).

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