Glover Teixeira convincingly defeated Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson tonight at ‘UFC On FOX 6’ over three rounds of action.

The two meet at the center of the cage and immediately exchange a short flurry of punches. Then they take step apart a little and size each other up, but both men still look ready to exchange more heavy leather at any moment.

Suddenly Teixiera moves in and secures a takedown and gets ‘Rampage’s’ back. Teixiera’s looking for an arm triangle choke, but ‘Rampage’ does well to work out of it and get back to his feet, launching some powerful strikes as he does so.

Back to the striking battle they go and the two men begin to trade punches with more frequency, with Teixiera throwing a little looser, while Jackson is keeping his punches tighter, but occasionally stumbling a little as he loads up.

‘Rampage’ rushes forward, perhaps looking for a takedown, butTeixeira moves to the side and chases after him, landing a solid strike before he’s able to turn around.

With a minute to go Teixeira lands a hard shot that rocks ‘Rampage’ and sends him falling forward onto the mat, though he gets right back up.

‘Rampage’ is in trouble, but he digs deep and starts to fire back and lands a few good shots.

In-between rounds ‘Rampage’ looks disheartened, and things start out any better in the early stages of round two as Teixiera goes for an early takedown and secures it.

Teixiera takes his time working from half-guard, but doesn’t get too much going and ‘Rampage’ spots an opening to escape and get back to his feet.

‘Rampage’ looks a little weary, but he’s still got fight in him and connects with a few nice uppercuts. Teixeira keeps pressing forward regardless though and they continue to exchange with Teixiera finding some success with the uppercut too and a body kick.

There’s a bit of gamesmanship as ‘Rampage’ starts to motion to Teixeira that his strikes aren’t phasing him. Teixiera continues to strike anyway and finds a home for his punches again.

‘Rampage’ fires back with a few flurries in the final seconds of the round and it’s Teixiera’s turn to shrug them off.

We’re into the final round and ‘Rampage’ is out with more of a spring in his step and throws a body kick. Teixiera throws a combo and Jackson fires back.

Teixeira changes things up with a takedown and lands it. They are up against the cage and Teixeira feeds him some elbows as the crowd boos – clearly more interested in the stand-up battle between these two.

‘Rampage’ gets back to his feet, but Teixeira lands a couple of solid shots on the way up. The former champion looks tired and when Teixeira continues to clip him with left hooks each seems to take a little more wind out of his sails.

At times he tries to rally with punches, but he’s winging his shots now rather than setting them up properly with good technique.

By contrast Teixeira still looks quite fresh and is relentlessly pushing forward, and lands another easy takedown. ‘Rampage’ gets up only to be met with more offense.

In the final minute Teixeira secures another takedown and this time moves to the mount. Ground and pound follows, but ‘Rampage’ is able to defend well enough until the final bell.

No doubt about who’s won this one with Teixeira earning the victory with the judges seeing it 30-27 x2 and 29-28 in his favor.

So Teixeira continues his ascent to the top of the light-heavyweight division with another convincing performance, while ‘Rampage’ bows out of the UFC on a loss.