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UFC Results: Glover Teixeira TKO’s Ryan Bader After Being Rocked Himself

For the first time in his UFC career so far Glover Teixeira had to battle back from real adversity against Ryan Bader, but nonetheless still managed to finish the former TUF winner by TKO in the first round.

Round One

We’re underway in the main event.  Bader looks low for a takedown, but gives up on it.  Bader lands a hard left hand and Teixeira looks a little rocked on his feet here.

Teixeira clinches up to buy himself some time and then Bader hooks in a guillotine choke and drops down with it.  Teixeira is quickly out of it though and they go back to their feet.

Teixeira charges into a takedown and secures it, but he can’t hold Bader down.  Back on the feet they get into a clinch against the cage, but opt to break apart soon after.

Back to the striking exchanges and Bader is certainly not afraid to trade punches with the Brazilian and is wielding some powerful punches here.

Suddenly Teixeira is rocked again and slips to the mat for just a second before getting back up.  Bader’s looking to press home the advantage land more hard shots up against the cage with some big uppercuts and straight punches finding their mark.

Then, out of the blue Teixeira starts firing back and a left is followed by a rock-hard right that takes Bader’s legs out from under him.

The tables have completely turned now and Teixeira unleashes a flurry of punches to his grounded opponent and it’s all over!  Teixeira wins by TKO at 2.55mins of the first round.

Teixeira showed great powers of recovery here, heavy hands and a killer instinct when it mattered most, but at the same time Bader proved that he’s far from indestructable.

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