Gunnar Nelson notched up his second win in the UFC tonight with a decision victory over Jorge Santiago at ‘UFC On Fuel TV 7’.

Santiago looks for punches in the opening exchange while Nelson attempts to clinch up before breaking free again. Again Santiago flurries with punches which don’t find their target, but a knee does connect nicely.

Nelson’s utilizing a wide karate-style stance and lands a side kick to the mid-section and then one to the knee. Santiago works from the clinch briefly, landing a few knees.

Santiago ducks for takedown and this time he lands it nicely. He’s postured up looking to make something happening, but he leaves too much room and Santiago moves swiftly back to his feet.

Another side kick from Nelson as Santiago stalks him. Nelson’s hands are low, but he’s maintaining a good bit of distance between himself and his opponent. He rushes forward and lands a punch, but Santiago isn’t phased. Santiago comes forward with a flurry of his own, but Nelson survives unscathed and presses him up against the cage as the round comes to an end.

Round two begins and Santiago is still trying to figure out the range of Nelson. Nelson lands a few significant strikes and looks for the clinch, but not for long. He’s stepping up his game now though and another combination of strikes find a home, putting Santiago on the defensive.

Nelson drags Santiago to the mat and slowly begins to start working in occasional ground and pound strikes. Eventually Nelson moves to side control, then swiftly finds an opening to move into full mount with less than a minute to go in the round.

Still pacing himself Nelson doesn’t go all out, but rather picks his shots and lands a couple of nice elbows before the bell sounds.

Santiago runs forward and lands a couple of punches in the opening of round three, but Nelson forces him to defend a takedown immediately afterwards which takes the sting out of his attack.

nelson looks for a head kick, but it’s blocked. He springs forward and lands a nice right hand. Santiago clinches up against the cage and lands a few knees and an elbow as they break apart.

Body kick and and a right hand from Santiago who’s really trying to make something happening in this round. Nelson remains lose and relaxed though, trying to slow the fight down.

Santiago keeps coming though and rocks his head back with a nice punch and follows up with more punches. Nelson moves out of danger and then comes back in with a flurry of his own. He throws a big uppercut that lands nicely and that had to hurt. He goes for it again and it lands too followed by more punches, before dancing back out of danger as Santiago tries to retaliate.

That action seems to have taken a little of the spring out of Santiago’s step and Nelson continues to dodge in and out with strikes, with that uppercut being the real winner for him here.

Despite looking tired Santiago has enough for one last flurry in the final 10 seconds, winging left and rights in Nelson’s direction. Perhaps a little too relaxed, Nelson puts is hand down in the middle of this fire-fight with a few second to go and get caught hard by a right hand. He stays on his feet though and there’s not enough time left for Santiago to test him further.

On to the scorecards we go then and it’s Nelson who earns the unanimous decision victory (29-28 x2, 30-27).