Jake Ellenberger showed off his heavy hands again tonight to claim a major KO victory over Nate Marquardt at UFC 158.

Cautious opening minute to this one as the two fighters feel their way into the fight. Marquardt looks to land a leg kick, but loses his balance and stumbles backwards.

Marquardt rushes forward, firing up a head kick and punches to follow which forces Ellenberger to retreat.

More leg kicks from Marquardt, appearing happy to work from range.

He goes for another kick, this time to the body, but Ellenberger simultaneously clips him with a left and then follows up with a hard right down the pipe that buckles Marquardt’s legs and sends him collapsing to the canvas.

Ellenberger immediately follows up with big punches on the mat and Marquardt’s been knocked out, face down on the mat with just 3mins on the clock!

Marquardt protests to the referee, but it was the right call – a clear knockout and a huge win for Ellenberger.