James Te-Huna looked to be in big trouble in the first round of his fight with Ryan Jimmo at ‘UFC On Fuel TV 7’ after being dropped with a head kick, but he rebounded strongly in the second and third rounds to claim a decision victory.

Clinchwork to start this one off with Te-Huna pressing Jimmo up against the cage. A few knees from Te-Huna, but not much happening and the ref eree quickly breaks them up.

Jimmo blasts Te-Huna with a head kick and he collapses down to the canvas badly hurt. Jimmo hammers down huge ground and pound strikes and Te-Huna is in survival mode as blood pours out of a cut around his right eye.

Survive Te-Huna does and almost works to his feet against the cage, but he can’t quite get up. The blood is getting in Te-Huna’s eye and is causing him problems, but he fights on.

Jimmo’s pace slows as he consolidates his position from top control, while Te-Huna lands a few elbows from the bottom. Half a minute of the round to go and Jimmo seems happy to just hold position until the bell.

The two men look to engage in a little stand-up early in round two with Te-Huna throwing a few punches and Jimmo landing a body kick.

Te-Huna looks for a trip takedown, but doesn’t get it and they settle into the clinch against the cage. Jimmo tries a trip of his own, but is unsuccessful. Te-Huna has double underhooks and at the second attempt is able to to hoist his opponent up and dump him to the mat.

Te-Huna works from side control, landing a little ground and pound and then trying to set up the crucifix position. He doesn’t get it, but moves to mount instead. Not for long though as Jimmo gets him back in half-guard.

A few solid elbows land for Te-Huna and then he postures up and lands some heavy punches for good measure. Good work from Te-Huna here, a real reversal of fortunes from the first round.

Te-Huna drops for a takedown in the opening minute of the third round, but doesn’t get it and Jimmo presses him up against the cage. Not much happening until Te-Huna reverses him and gets active with a few punches before breaking apart and landing a few more that causes Jimmo to back out of danger.

It doesn’t deter him for long though as soon after Jimmo goes back to the cage clinchwork. That doesn’t pay off for him though as Te-Huna is able to land a takedown and moves back to side control.

Short elbows from the Australian and he opens up a cut. te-Huna stays active with punches as the fight comes to a close.

A nice comeback from Te-Huna here and it’s he who earns the decision victory (29-27, 29-28 x2).